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Padre Pio Prayers to Padre Pio Testimony

Padre Pio Prayers to Padre Pio Testimony Love Prayer Intercession appearance of Padre Pio roses orbs

Padre Pio Prayers to Padre Pio Testimony : it’s not easy for me to start writing this witness, my testimonial, on the other hand, for one like me, considering myself a “unsensitive” to Faith, it’s very difficult, I have tried to give an explanation to what has happened to me, asking important characters of the Church, and the so called “paranormal world”, but everyone gave me the same answer, “who helped me at such a hard time was without doubt Padre Pio”.

I must say, I didn’t even know who He was, I had never seen Him before, I didn’t know what he had done.

I know it seems un paradox, but that’s it, seeing my “non attitude to going to church and my knowledge of certain phenomena of Faith.

Silvio, my husband was recovered in cardiac surgery, it had been a year since he was curing his pain in his left arm but really no doctor had diagnosed that it could have depended on his heart, only a friend of mine who practices pranotherapy had warned me but the doctors ruled it out, owing to the results of the tests in the strongest possible way.

On 17th November 1996 in the evening after having felt many strong pains in his arm, that didn’t let him even walk, he was recovered in hospital as having had a heart attack, terrible days followed, the doctors didn’t know what had happened to his heart, we got the definite answer a few days later, after having had his coronary artery tests, he had an ischemia equal to 95% , and if this year he would have had a slightest heart attack, he would have died; they decided to operate him urgently, he was brought to cardiac surgery in Cinsanello , Pisa and had an operation, the night before the operation, not being able to sleep, hoping everything would have been alright, and at the same time thinking anything could happen, I saw a shape appear on the side of my bed, it wearing a habit, as if It were praying, that it kept on looking at me and praying. Immediately I wondered who it could have been, but I got no answer, I didn’t know, I had never seen him before.

I was already up the following morning and feeling ever so nervous, I felt I couldn’t do anything, I was so useless, I remembered the visit in the night, as I said, I wasn’t sleeping nor dreaming and I told my mother-in-law about it, she listened to me but she didn’t say anything owing to my “distance” from Faith, I couldn’t wait to go to hospital, because it was useless to go early seeing that the operation would have lasted many hours, and so being desperate, I jumped on an armchair in the sitting room, and like an automaton, I picked up a magazine that was with other newspapers in the newspaper rack as if I were in a trance; I wondered how that magazine ended up in our house, because none of us has ever read that sort of magazine, I just started to look at the pages and after a few, I realized that there was an article and some photos of a monk, it was Padre Pio, I cried out “Marusca! look! this is the monk who came to see me last night!”, at that point my mother-in-law told me that it was the famous monk from Pietralcina, who appears to people and does miracles, she added that she didn’t tell me anything owing to my declared atheism, but immediately she thought it was Him, she heard people speaking about him in a TV program that went on TV around about midday, all the witnesses she heard, described his appearing just like I saw Him; I went to the hospital, forgetting all about what had happened, I was too anxious with a lot of fears, around about three o’clock p.m. I was told the operation had succeeded, in fact he got four by-passes done and that my husband had been moved to ICU; seeing I’m emotional, they didn’t allow me to see him, because on seeing him “inducted” like that, I would have had a greater shock that the one thinking he was undergoing an operation, I was desperate knowing he was in that room and not being able to see him, suddenly my head office arrived, so I asked her to go and see how he was and to come and tell me what was going on, she did and when she came back, she tried to reassure me, although Silvio was reduced in such a state, but he was still alive.

When I got home I was surrounded by my friends who had come to cheer me, my mother-in-law and my children up, we were waiting anxiously for that certain hour, that is, midnight, the time when they would have taken away a tube to which he was attached, if everything would have been fine, we wouldn’t have had to worry about his life anymore.

At midnight I got the famous phone call from the hospital, Silvio was well, let’s say, and the greatest danger had past, they told me to not worry and that the following day, seeing that he had reacted very well to all the treatments he received, he would have passed on to sub-intensive care.

It was very late when my friends left me, and I went to bed, that night I saw the usual monk appear next to my bed again, still as if he were praying, his hands were together leaning His head on them, seeing I knew who he was, I thanked Him for having helped us.

La postoperative hospital stay went very well. Better still, the head physician of the hospital confessed to a friend of ours that he would have never imagined such an easy recovery.; after two days Silvio got up and after six days he left the hospital, he didn’t need rihabilitative, nor psychological therapies; better still, the day he left the hospital was Wednesday, he drove his car and we came back home, on Sunday he started going for a walk in our woods again, that’s his favourite sport, our friend a heart surgeon went with him, because he didn’t think he would have overcome it either, seeing that Silvio insisted on going out for a walk, he thought it was his duty to follow him, and assist him just in case, everything was okay, he went back to work after a month, his life went back to normal, by that time the operation was only a bad memory.

So another unexplainable thing happened, we were both in our hall, ready to go to work, he was switching on the light in the fish tank, suddenly, the room was full of a very sweet scent, a smell of roses, there were no flowers in our house and I remember well that I associated that scent of roses, because I remembered a perfume by Christian Dior that a friend of mine let me smell when we were at University, it was an essence of roses that although I like very much, I couldn’t afford; Silvio, on the other hand, thought I had put on some deodorant or a delicate perfume seeing he knew that I only use perfume for men, we were surprised and so anyway we went to work, only after two months, speaking about that with some people, we got to know that that was a appearance of Padre Pio because it’s Him that emanates this very sweet fragrance.

These were incidences that struck us a lot and they have changed our lives a bit too; now we have a bit more of Faith, and deep inside of us there is still a sense of duty to give recognition to this monk who saved us.

What’s more, one evening in the library where I work, it was closed, after having closed the windows, I stayed to speak about these things with a colleague; because she said that she is in contact with the hereafter and while we were speaking about Silvio’s happy result, and the help we got, although we are atheists by this Monk, I noticed that she was looking towards the side of the room where there are books dated 1700 with their lovely parchment bindings, instinctively I turned around too to see what was going on, suddenly, on the back of one of those books Padre Pio’s face appeared on a flat and shining sphere, like a focus of a camera, it lasted for a minute, we saw his face, very clearly then slowly it faded away, the shining sphere, disappeared and everything went back to normal, I was stunned, speechless and amazed and my colleague, being used to these phenomena, immediately told me that it was yet another proof that Padre Pio had helped Silvio at that terrible time of his life, and that it were better if we had faith and learnt to pray, seeing that we had never done so before.

Now, after four years Silvio is well, he is leading a very normal life, and he only takes a little tablet to make his blood more fluid.

So this is my witness of a phenomenon that really happened to us and that in a certain way changed our lives, it changes our way of considering things and brought us closer to Faith.

Padre Pio Prayers to Padre Pio Testimony Love Prayer Intercession appearance of Padre Pio roses orbs was told by Aurora

Padre Pio Prayers to Padre Pio Testimony Love Prayer Intercession appearance of Padre Pio roses orbs

Padre Pio Prayers to Padre Pio Testimony

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