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Miracle Pope John's Appearance Witness

Miracle Pope John’s Appearance Witness Recovery from viral hepatitis Pope John’s Miracle

Miracle Pope John’s Appearance Witness : today I tell you about my recovery from viral hepatitis, a Pope John’s miracle, it was some days since I wasn’t feeling well, I always felt tired and I didn’t feel any strength in my legs anymore, then, one morning, looking in the mirror, I noticed I was yellow as a lemon, I asked my husband to confirm, but he said I wasn’t so not to frighten me, in the afternoon I felt worse, while going to the bathroom again I realized that there was something wrong so I called my doctor who came over immediately and decided to send me to hospital immediately, according to him it was viral hepatitis.

I was recovered in the infective ward in Livorno, Italy and they kept me there for eight or nine days to have all the tests of my case, I must say that I’m very devoted to Pope John, in fact many years before, when he was still alive, when I went on a trip to Rome I bought a picture of Him because I considered Him a charming, good man and seeing my devotion, when I got back, I hung His picture at the head of my bed.

When my doctor decided to send me to hospital, I looked at that picture and said “look after my children, because I’ve got to go to hospital”, obviously the days I was at hospital I said many prayers to Him, every day, one morning, the Head Physician came and said “ madam, I’m sorry but you must undergo surgery, because you can’t go on that way, you won’t be able to survive more than two months, let’s look for a good surgeon, phone your husband because I want to speak with him”, I was very impressed by what he told me but I didn’t think of death, I went on praying to Pope John with great Faith and asking him to look after my children, my husband arrived after half an hour and we went together to the Head Physician who confirmed what he had already said, he told us to look for a good surgeon because I had to undergo surgery immediately; my husband phoned some relatives of his who were doctors and we found the surgeon, he gave me a treatment with about ninety drips to see if we could avoid surgery but I got a ischemic heart disease, at that point there wasn’t anything else to do, I had to undergo surgery. I got all my analysis done for the operation while I went on praying to Pope John.

The night before the operation I was a bit afraid, I asked Our Lord to help me, thinking of my children, it was a very restless night, around about two or three o’clock am I felt someone touching my head, I turned around, I opened my eyes and saw Pope John dressed just like in the picture at home, it almost seemed a hallucination, but I heard Him say to me “don’t let them touch you, don’t let them touch you, I’ll send you back to your children, but don’t let them touch you” and He touched my head again; at that time I didn’t understand if it was all real or not and I felt a bit lost “what should I do?“, I wondered “pope John spoke to me and I won’t let then operate me”; the following morning when the nun came to get me ready I said to her “I’ve decide to not get operated”, she asked me why and I said “if I must die, I’ll die some day later”, all the doctors came over and the head physician too but I emphasized the concept saying “I’m not going to undergo surgery today”.

When my husband arrived, he wanted to know why I had decided not to be operated, and I told him that I didn’t feel like undergoing the surgery, I was afraid something could have happened to me, I didn’t even tell him what had really happened to me, I was afraid he wouldn’t have believed me and would have considered me a visionary.

I got my test done again which the nun went to fetch at 11, something strange happened to me in the morning, I felt stronger, I realized that I was getting my vitality back again that I hadn’t had for long time, in fact I was able to go to the toilet on my own, something I absolutely couldn’t do before. Looking in the mirror, I realized I didn’t look yellow like the days before, I went back to bed and told the nun too that I saw myself much brighter.

When the nun came back with the results after 11 she told me that the results had strangely changed, I values had all returned to normal and she couldn’t understand how come, at that point I hearten and I told her everything that happened during the night, maybe she would have believed me seeing she was a nun, in the meantime my husband came too and I told him about it too, I told him about Pope John’s message and that I felt much better and full of life and vitality.

We decided to not tell the doctors and the but to see what they thought of my sudden getting better, when they came, the head physician reading the tests said “madam, light four candles for Our Lady, what did you do?”, I answered “I really didn’t do anything” and then I told him everything, I knew he was an atheist but he said “as you know I’m an atheist, but I must surrender in front of this evidence” so two days lalter I went home to my children.

I was and I still am very grateful to Pope John, I even witnessed in Rome, I went to the place where he was born, I always rely on Him, the picture in my bedroom will be hung off only after my death, after this experience I have had others, across the years many people have died in my family including my husband, but I have always relied on Pope John, who has always been next to me, and has given me a lot of comfort.

Miracle Pope John’s Appearance Witness Recovery from viral hepatitis Pope John’s Miracle was told by Gioia

Miracle Pope John’s Appearance Witness Recovery from viral hepatitis Pope John’s Miracle

Miracle Pope John’s Appearance Witness

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