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Padre Pio Miracles Scent of Flowers

Padre Pio Miracles Scent of Flowers Seeing Padre Pio Witness

Padre Pio Miracles Scent of Flowers : hello, Here’s my story, my princess was born four years ago, I wished so much to have her, I have two gorgeous boys too, but I felt I needed a little girl; my princess is called Swami Sophie, I chose these names because Swami means Love and Sophie was the name I read in a letter that my grandfather wrote to me in a dream, he wrote this name in capital letters and so I added it, Sophie means sagacity and it seems to go perfectly with Love.
Swami was born after thirty-seven weeks and when she was born they didn’t bring me her immediately into my room, because they said she had to stay in the incubator, when she was born she was cyanotic, and she didn’t immediately cry, I noticed there was something wrong, but they said everything was alright.
The day after she was born, she was brought urgently to the TIN ward in Benevento, the only place available, I can’t explain my despair, I was told she had an lung immaturity and the hyline membrane disease when the ambulance arrived at the hospital and the head physician said that if it had been a baby boy, my baby wouldn’t have spent the night, because she wasn’t breathing, she didn’t get enough oxygen.
In Benevento after the ambulance had run against my daughter’s death, she wasn’t breathing well although she was ducted, the head physician told my parents that he didn’t know if my baby would have got through it and the only thing they could do was to ask Our Lord to see to it.
Swami was suffering from a lung immatureness and the hyline membrane disease, she could have has a brain damage, because she hadn’t breathed well for twenty-four hours; at Benevento there was an enormous statue of Padre Pio and every day her father and I after the visiting hours of the TIN ward, we went there and prayed, we prayed and cried, we prayed for our little princess to be saved and recover.
Swami left the clinic after fifteen days and she was as healthy as a lion cub, although she had a few problems with her sight, we had coloured balloons hanging all over our house because we had to stimulate her sight with many colours and obviously with a drug therapy.
Swami was four months when she got pneumonia and we stayed in hospital for a week at the Caldarelli Hospital, she was intubated there too and I was desperate, a week later one night we were alone in the hospital room, suddenly I smelt a scent of flowers, I have never been a great catholic and neither a strong believer but being desperate I prayed to Our Lord and Padre Pio and I couldn’t explain that scent, it was strong, I checked all over the room, but I didn’t find anything, nothing was smelling like that, I sent Paul a message, he’s the man of my life, telling him that something strange was happening, he told me that when Padre Pio is near you, you smell a fragrance; on Tuesday my daughter will be four, I’m sure that Our Lord and Padre Pio have saved her!
Thank you Sara,

Padre Pio Miracles Scent of Flowers Seeing Padre Pio Witness was told by Iolanda

Padre Pio Miracles Scent of Flowers Seeing Padre Pio Witness
Padre Pio Miracles Scent of Flowers
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