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Padre Pio blessings from Padre Pio Prayer

Padre Pio blessings from Padre Pio Prayer and negative Test

Hi everyone, I’m Lorenzo and I’m twenty-five, and I want to tell you about my experience regarding blessings I have received.
I remember very well when I asked for my blessing I was right on this Site reading about blessings people received and asking for mine.
My girlfriend told me she was expecting a baby and seeing the situation we were in, it would have been impossible to carry a an pregnancy. Her parents sent her away from home, because she refused to be a Muslim, so she didn’t have a place to sleep and she lost her job too. I was unemployed and I couldn’t let her stay at my house.
So it was the worst situation to have a baby.
As a consequent the only thing to do was … she told me she would have gone the following day to the gynecologist for a visit and then to hospital to have the operation.
The evening before, I prayed Padre Pio and I asked my Guardian Angel to go to Him and ask for His blessing.
What I asked for was that I really hoped she wasn’t pregnant, but that it was only a lie!!! I couldn’t have stood taking part in killing a Soul.
The following day she sent me many messages saying she was in hospital waiting to undergo surgery. It seemed impossible that it was a lie!!!??? But when we met in the afternoon she admitted she had a pregnancy test and it was positive. And she had another one the following day and it was negative, but she lied thinking she could keep me tied down to her.
No matter how things ended up between us, I’m very obliged to Padre Pio for His blessing!!! You can’t imagine how anxious I was at that time.

Padre Pio blessings from Padre Pio Prayer and negative Test was told by Lorenzo

Padre Pio blessings from Padre Pio Prayer and negative Test
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