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Padre Pio Protector Experience of Padre Pio

Padre Pio Protector Experience of Padre Pio’s Help Thank you Padre Pio

Padre Pio Protector Experience of Padre Pio : hallo Sara, I’m Carmen. It’s been some time since we heard from one another, I want to tell you another wonderful thing that happened to me owing to Padre Pio; it was October 2008, it was the first time I didn’t have my periods, although I wasn’t pregnant so I called my friend who is a midwife and I asked her if it were the case to have a checkup, she told me it can happen mostly during periods of strong distress and that if it happened the next month, she would have made me take a scan to see if everything was okay.

I had them in November, December, in January, counting twenty-eight days, I had them twice, in February I didn’t then, at all, so my friend said I’d better have a checkup.

The gynecologist scanned me, and to regularize my periods he was going to give me a birth control pill but I didn’t want to take it, because I already take many tablets every day so I asked her if she could give me something else, she gave me a tablet and after fourteen days I should have had my periods, but I didn’t, so I phoned Mimma to tell her and she said that after having took this sort of tablet, they appear after a week when you finish, in fact I started seeing only a few stains and I had them for five days; I met her by chance, and I told her I had my periods and that they lasted five days but only a few stains, she answered that when you use this sort of cure, it’s how it goes so I believed her and a week later my periods were normal, at that point I asked my aunt, the midwife if it was normal and she said that probably the real period was this one but the strange thing was that I had little pains that I had never had before.  They weren’t strong, but I had them, I thought they were due to the pill I took to get my periods.

It was 05.04.2009, although I had those pains, I got my son’s birthday party ready, it was a lovely party, on the following morning I got up rather early to finish tidying up and I went to hospital because my cousin had had a baby; while I was there, I started to sweat feeling cold and I felt pain in the lower of my abdomen so I decided to go home, what a bad decision, because I didn’t even manage to open my door, that the pain became unbearable, fortunately there were my sister and my niece, and I told them to call Claudio, my husband because I was dying, I had incredible pains. I couldn’t find a right position, my husband arrived and he took me to hospital; when the doctor scanned me he touched his hair, because my tummy and uterus were full of blood, in other words he couldn’t see anything so they decided to give me a pregnancy test first and right after that a biopsy, because they feared for the worst, the problem was that I had to get curettage done, but they had to wait for the results first so I had to wait with those throbbing pains for three hours.

They brought me into a room, my father was there and seeing me he said “my God, give her some respite, you send her all the trouble”, so I calmly replied “dad, don’t worry, this is my mission, I was born to suffer”, that was really what I thought but in a positive way as if I were happy this was happening to me because I offered all my suffering to Our Lord and because He’s particularly near to those who suffer; I knew He was carrying me in His arms, just them my pain disappeared so I started to pray with the Rosary; as usual at the end I spoke with Padre Pio and aid “I beg you Padre Pio if I must confide in the doctors and have a curettage done I must be sure it’s you who’s going to operate me via the doctor’s hands, as soon as I ended saying that I felt something slip out from me, so I told my husband I had to go to the toilet because I had wet myself a lot, I got down from my bed and then more came out, I got to the toilet, I hadn’t even finished pulling down my slips, a lump of blood more or less forty cm followed by a lot of blood had come out of me, I called the doctor to tell him, but ignoring everything he got the curettage done all the same.

A very lovely thing that happened to me after the operation was that right on that day the Bishop was going around blessing the ill people, and that was another sign from Our Lord for me.

Getting back to the curettage, when the doctor who visited me the day before, but didn’t operate me, came he said “look something strange has happened, we did the curettage yesterday but your were already clean, there wasn’t anything we saw yesterday anymore”, I told him what had happened to me and that I had told the doctor who happened to be there too, in fact he got angry with him, because if he had scanned me, he would have seen that everything had disappeared, and he could have avoided operating me.

By means of my witness, I would like to make people see that Our Lord is always near us and that if we confide in Him, nothing is impossible, you can get everything by praying, for this miracle the only thing I can say is to thank my protector PADRE PIO who never abandons me, who I really love; regarding Our Lord Jesus often tell Him something that He likes and that I have repeated so often to Him during the day “Jesus, I love you”, on the other hand, while you go past a statue of Our Lady say what Padre Pio teaches us “hail my Mother, Mary salute Jesus on my behalf.”

Bye, see you the next time

Padre Pio Protector Experience of Padre Pio’s Help Thank you Padre Pio was told by Carmen

Padre Pio Protector Experience of Padre Pio

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