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Concordia Shipwreck prophetic Dream

Concordia Shipwreck prophetic Dream after the Journey to Medjugorje

Concordia Shipwreck prophetic Dream : the witness letter you are going to read has been sent to me on 23th Jan 2012, I’ve decided to show you it because Christian tells us about this prophetic dream of his about the shipwreck of the Concordia at the Isola del Giglio, everything is exact, but in his prophetic dream, as you will read, the ship, after having laid on its side, broke on the backside and it sank; this is the thing that made me pass on this letter, if we get together, getting more people, we can get to inform people about this premonitory dream, especially to those who live on the Isola del Giglio, the authorities, the Costalines, who is seeing to the wreck, maybe we could avert it; now I’ll let you read Christian’s words.
Hi Sara, I want to tell you about something very particular that happened to me and that can be attributed to Our Lady’s intervention in particular to the Queen of Peace.
In July 2011 I went to Medjugorje for the second time with my wife, a friend and as priest who is a friend of ours, during the stay I decided with my wife to buy a statue of Our Lady of Medjugorje and give it to the parish priest.
By chance let’s say that he was looking for a statue for his church.
We bought it with so much love and we put it into our car.
The statue is exactly the same as the one outside the church of Medjugorje.
The parish priest put it in a chapel and the day of the blessing there were more than three hundred people.
Since then there is a group of prayers that gather together from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. to pray and spread the Virgin’s messages.
Forgive me for this preface but it is important.
Two weeks ago I had a strange dream.
I dreamt I was at a port, and I was embarking with my wife and the parish priest on a ferry sort of Jadrolines, the ferries that go from Ancona to Spalato.
From the deck, I saw a cruiser sinking, on the shore leaning on its side and people who were diving into the sea to survive.
So I said “father, let’s go nearer to save those people”.
While we were going, I noticed that the chimney stack was black and yellow.
Then I saw the ship break behind. It was sinking after having laid on its side for a long time.
Well, my dream finished at that point.
I woke up in the morning and I phoned my friend the priest to tell him about the strange dream I had that there and then I thought it didn’t make sense.
Well, we all know what happened at the Isola del Giglio.
It was all like my dream.
I told a friend of mine, and obviously the parish priest too.
I didn’t understand why I dream that.
A few hours later the parish priest phoned me and told me that our friend who had travelled with us to Medjugorje last Summer was on the ship with his family.
This friend was the one who was with us when we brought the statue to Italy.
He was alive miraculously.
So, Sara, I told my dream to my friend who phoned me the next day, and he said this “do you know that on the seabed of the Giglio there’s a statue of Our Lady?”
I was incredibly astonished but at the same time I was happy to know that Mary had carried out this miracle.
At that point I phoned my friend shipwrecked to ask him how it went on, he said “I was on the lifeboat, at a certain point the lifeboat tilted and we were going to fall into the sea, I saw a young foreigner, he came up to me and gave me a picture of Saint Antony with Medjugorje written on it, telling me that everything would have been alright.”
The lifeboat stopped at a stand still and he is safe along with his family.
Today on The Messaggero, an Italian newspaper, I read that the wonderful statue of Our Lady of Fatima was took out of the ship.
Sara, deep in my heart I believe that was a miracle, you may believe that they were all coincidences.
I just wanted to tell you, a hug.

Concordia Shipwreck prophetic Dream after the Journey to Medjugorje was told by Christian

Concordia Shipwreck prophetic Dream after the Journey to Medjugorje
Concordia Shipwreck prophetic Dream
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