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Vision of the Spirit Vision of the Soul

Vision of the Spirit Vision of the Soul Dreams and Visions Witnesses

Vision of the Spirit Vision of the Soul : dear, I don’t know if it’s true, but I want to believe it, she always used to say to me that we would have met again someday in Heaven, because she was my godmother, and all those people who are bind by this bond, will be able to recognize each other in another life.
Perhaps she wanted me to be ready since I was little for the separation that would have occurred irremediably twelve years ago, when I was thirty-three.
She knew she was suffering from cancer and that she didn’t have much time left, but although the doctors had given her other three months to live, she still stayed six months with us.
During the two previous years, her illness had made her become yet thinner than she had always been, and she had a strange and irritating rash all over her body.
I’m telling you this because it’s right from then that a strange thing happened, this rash gave her serious problems, so many that I heard her complain, and I prayed ever so much that she would pass her rash onto me, and that’s what happened, I had it on my body for two years and the doctors didn’t find out the cause, and obviously the cure.
This maneuver was a bit stupid because we both ended up having it.
OK, three days before she died I dreamt I was walking with her in our town square, and we met and greeted people who only saw me, in my dream I said I was with my grandmother, but nobody saw her.
When I woke up I went to work, and although I had bought that restaurant since a short time, I decided to head for Calabria although I knew that three days later she would have died.
I left and obviously I wanted to spend all my time with her, even then I prayed so much until her pain passed onto me some way or another, but no luck.
That day ended and it was nighttime, and there we were me and her.
She was ill in bed, every now and then she used to get up to go to the toilet, she was wearing an azure nightgown, too big for her anymore, I was looking after her from a little bed near hers where she wanted me to lie down on, she didn’t want me to sleep in the double bed with her, and that night while I was looking at her, trying not to cry, suddenly, while she was lying on her bed, I don’t know if she was sleeping, I clearly saw another body come out of hers, it was dressed exactly like her, it was rising, and it was leaving hers, it lasted a few instances and it went back to join the one on the bed; I thought she was sleeping, I thought I was having visions, I was so scared, but my grandmother went on undoubling herself, her body went out of her body three times, I’m sure of that, and no doubt it was her.
I stayed there all night long and the following day too without sleeping and with her being continuously very lucidity off thought, in the afternoon yet again I was alone with her, and again she impressed me owing to another episode, she stared towards the TV, which was turned off in the room, and she asked me “who are those little Angels over there, next to the television?”, I didn’t answer, but I thought they were her two dead children.
She sent me away in the evening, and my aunt phoned me the following morning telling me she had died.
The greatest grief I had ever felt, but even happiness was that her distress was over and that she went on being somewhere.
During the following years I went on feeling her near me, she caressed me in a hard time of my life, I dreamt she was cuddling me and telling me everything was alright, when I really needed that, but one night, I really want to tell you this, I had a strange dream, I dreamt she was leaning out of an opening in a cave where there was no light, waiting for me and my grandfather, her husband, I was walking with my grandfather towards that dark cave, and when we reached her, she kissed me, she took my grandfather’s arm, and told me I couldn’t go in and that I had to stay out.
They went away together while I was looking at them realizing that although the cave was dark there was a light at the end of it.
Three days later my grandfather died and I was able to reach Calabria, see him still alive and he saw me.
I really thank Who in His great mercy sometimes wants us to be sure that our beloved ones are there next to us, discrete, but careful, ready to help us and let us see that they live in the light.

Vision of the Spirit Vision of the Soul Dreams and Visions Witnesses was told by Angelica

Vision of the Spirit Vision of the Soul Dreams and Visions Witnesses
Vision of the Spirit Vision of the Soul
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