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The Presence Of The Angel Protection

The Presence Of The Angel Protection Of The Love Upon Us Testimonials Of Miracles

The Presence Of The Angel Protection : I have very recently discovered this website, thanks to a person who has a strong faith, she believes and welcomes the presence of her Angel, and she encouraged me to research this topic through your website; I told her that back in January, at the peak of a difficult and dark time of my life which also saw the recent passing of my mother, during a re-connection session, I expressed one simple, pure wish, to be able to perceive the presence of my Angel during my life, his or her protection.
The following day, while my two little girls and I walked barefooted into the bathroom that is usually used only by dad, one of the glass shower doors mysteriously collapsed and crashed into the inside of the shower.
My littlest girl was two year olds, she had just about stepped over the shower threshold, the older girl was going towards the bidet and was a step ahead of the little girl, I was the last one to enter the bathroom behind them, who were running ahead of me.
I did “not see” what could have happened, I don’t believe anything could have caused this scary domestic accident what I absolutely wish to share with as many people as possible is the fact that, my little Isotta was in the very center of the shower, surrounded by a pile of glass shards that was as tall as she was, and there she stood, half naked, she looked at me quite happily, completely unharmed from head to toe; me, on my feet, trying very carefully to walk toward her among these glass pieces everywhere, even in the bath, I also picked up in my arms my older daughter, Caterina Luce, she too was half dressed, I did all this to take them away from danger.
After this half minute of extreme lucidity and calm nerves, when I removed them from danger, I then had a backlash outpour of tension, I started crying as if I was panicking even for the realization of what had just happened, an invisible umbrella had protected my little Isotta from the entire sheet of glass that had fallen on top of her, together with the metal mounting frame, and all three of us escaped without a SINGLE SCRATCH, I was totally alone in the house.
My infinite thanks, Angel, for your Friendship, for your availability to show your presence, to talk to me, to protect us always, thank you for your presence next to me, next to them, you know how alone we are in our everyday lives.

The Presence Of The Angel Protection Of The Love Upon Us Testimonials Of Miracles was told by Cristiana


The Presence Of The Angel Protection

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