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Actual Healings Of Father Pio

Actual Healings Of Father Pio Syndrome Of Meniere Healing


Actual Healings Of Father Pio : hello, I have been reading your website for a while now, and I read the many testimonials on the Angels, after a long period without reading the letters and the experiences of so many people, I find myself pushed to write, and to communicate from an internal force, so strong, shattering, almost desperate; in my desperation I invoke my Angel, to ask for help in solving an anguishing problem, perhaps I do not put all of my Faith, all my Heart, all my strength of my Soul, I don’t know, but I know that I have a desperate need for My Angel.


I want to tell you a short and brief real life story, that has touched me directly and indirectly. What do I mean? I am very attached to the Holy Father Pio, who has given me a Grace, although it was not actually for me, but for my ex wife (back then I was still married to her)


She was suddenly sick with the Syndrome of Meniere, and she was often admitted in hospital, she missed work many times, because she was just not able to stand on her feet. This caused her to have vertigo and then vomit all the time, these symptoms never stopped. Back in those years I had began to read some excerpts from the life of Father Pio, and the more in depth I read, the more I felt close to him, to the point where I felt his presence through scents that He would send by Divine acts.


I prayed to him for I don’t even know how long, incessantly, until he could give the Grace for the healing of my then wife. I believe it was the first time when the Holy Father Pio came to me in a dream one night (one of many more times!!!). I remember perfectly well that I was in my childhood home, in the small lounge, and seated around a table was Father Pio, my wife was next to him, and our small child (back then he was 5… or 6)


Suddenly I approached the table with a glass of water and a medication capsule, yellow/green in color, that I was about to give to my wife. It was the capsule she took regularly to avoid the dizzy spells and the vomit. Father Pio, without looking at me, said “Give that capsule to me! Give it to me!” I gave it to him without speaking, together with the glass of water. But the dream was interrupted.


After that dream, and in a very short amount of time, a couple of weeks, my wife was free from all the symptoms, no hospital, no vomiting, no vertigo!!! They went suddenly, to the point where she had to immediately stop taking the medication! Father Pio heard my pleas, my prayers!!! A wonderful Grace!!!!

An eternal Thank You!!!!


Actual Healings Of Father Pio Syndrome Of Meniere Healing was told by Filippo




Actual Healings Of Father Pio Syndrome Of Meniere Healing


Actual Healings Of Father Pio


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