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Miracles And Graces St Pio Father

Miracles And Graces St Pio Father From Pietrelcina


Miracles And Graces St Pio Father : hello Sara Luce I am Carmen, it's a long time since I have heard you, I would like to tell you a wonderful experience I had, thanks to St Pio Father; it was October 2008 and it was the first time I did not have my menstruation, I decided to call my friend, who is a midwife, asking her if it was necessary to do a check-up, she wasn't worried and said that perhaps it was due to stress; the next month everything was ok but in February it happened again, so I decided to do a check-up; the gynecologist advised me to take the birth control pill, but I told him that I was already taking a lot of other pills and I didn't want to take another pill continuously, he finally prescribed me only one pill to stimulate the menstruation in a couple of weeks, but nothing happened; I called my friend Mimma and asked her if it was normal, and she was very surprised, usually that pill was infallible, but she tried to reassure me telling me that since I had some drops of blood everything was ok.


After one week I had my period! The midwife told me that it was absolutely normal, even though I still had some pains .. but I thought it was because of the pill. It was the 5th of May in 2009 and, even though I was feeling unwell, I organized the birthday party for my son.


The next morning I got up early to clear up the house and then I want to the Hospital to visit my cousin who gave birth to her child. While I was there, I started feeling unwell again and sweating cold. I went home but as I opened the door I started feeling really sick, my pains were unbearable. Thanks God, my sister and my nephew were there and I asked them to call my husband Claudio. He arrived and we went to the Hospital. The doctors were really upset: my uterus and my belly were full of blood! I did the pregnancy test and the biopsy. After the results I could do the curettage. I felt if I was dying because I was suffering a lot. My father could not bear seeing me in that condition and started praying, asking for mercy. I told my father " Daddy don't worry, this is my mission. I was born to suffer." In that moment I was positive, I was happy because I was donating my pains to God and I knew God was carrying me in His arms. Suddenly the pains disappeared and I prayed the Rosary. At the end, as usual, I talked to St. Pio Father and said " I pray you: I would like you to operate me through the hands of the doctor".


Suddenly I felt that something strange was happening ... I was losing blood, a lot of blood! Nevertheless the doctor decided to operate me but he didn't see anything! Everything was ok! Another doctor got angry with him because the operation was not necessary.


That day I had another nice experience: just that day the Bishop was blessing the sick in the Hospital and I was there!


With my testimony I would like to tell everyone that God is always with us and prayers are very important! I always thanks my Protector, St.Pio Father, and I love him so much! And remember: during the day don't forget telling our God " Oh Jesus I love you and when you see a picture of our dear Madonna tell her what St.Pio Father taught us " I greet you and send my regards to Jesus for my part".


Miracles And Graces St Pio Father From Pietrelcina was told by Carmen


Miracles And Graces St Pio Father From Pietrelcina


Miracles And Graces St Pio Father


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