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Vision Of The Virgin Mary And Miracles

Vision Of The Virgin Mary And Miracles Testimonials


Vision Of The Virgin Mary And Miracles : hello, here is my story (which was told to me by my mother who never tires of repeating it because she was profoundly affected and astonished deeply in her Soul), I was very small, only 9 months old (not even a year old) when I came down with what seemed, apparently, a bad case of cold (as diagnosed by my pediatrician), they gave me a rather strong cure, but the “cold” seemed to be getting worse instead of better, I started to lose appetite, I was listless, I no longer spoke, my eyes were half closed (due to the poor level of oxygen from my lungs), I no longer cried, I was lying there all day.


One day my neck started swelling up quickly, I turned purple (my eyes and lips became black), my temperature spiked to 42 centigrade and I lost consciousness on the high chair while my mum was desperately trying to make me eat at least a little soup (since I had stopped eating a few days earlier).


They rushed me to the hospital because I had lost consciousness and I was not coming to … I no longer showed signs of life … I arrived at the emergency room with a code red (end of life), they diagnosed me with a very serious and advanced case of pneumonia and the doctors said that they would try everything they could to help me, even though there was not much hope, due to the very serious conditions in which I had arrived.


I started the very strong and powerful medication treatment by IV, every day, for 40 days in hospital … unfortunately there were no signs of improvement, so the medical staff told my mum some very bad and sad news: I only had a few days to live … my body was no longer responding to any type of therapy … my neck swelled up again and I had another case of passing out from which I no longer seemed to wake up (as opposed to the first time when the medications did manage the get me back) … so my parents, my sister and my relatives had the confirmation of the fact that I no longer had hopes to survive … my conditions were worsening.


Desperation set in, screams and tears started flowing, they all started to pray, pray, and pray … my grandmother and my mother were reciting the rosary next to my bed from morning to night … my father, my sister and my parents were praying normally (even in their state of complete desperation) … suddenly my mother, after having finished reciting the rosary, fell into an ecstatic trance … (the same phenomenon that happens to people who have visions of the Madonna) and she saw the Madonna …. She emanated an incredibly bright light, very luminous and white, she had her rosary in her hands … in her head she had a long and white veil, she was dressed with a white dress and a blue light mantel … she was barefooted …. She hinted a smile and told my mother: “Madam, cheer up! Your daughter is safe!”


My mother returned to her normal state, and she saw, together with my grandma, that I had woken up, the neck was no longer swollen and my vitals had returned to normal …. I even started to smile to them …. my mother and my grandmother burst into tears of joy, they immediately called the doctors (they were absolutely incredulous to what was happening) and could not explain to themselves why my conditions had improved within a few minutes, when by then there were literally no hopes left. My mother told everyone: “I know who saved her! I know it!!” and she told me what she had seen.


Now, 19 years later, some of the medical staff back then (in 1995) still work in that hospital, and when they see me they still remember me and the wonderful miracle that I had back in 1995 …. nobody every forgot what happened on that wonderful day … nobody forgot m ….


And now I am a 19 year old young woman, I am extremely devoted to the Madonna, I feel a strong and immense Love in my heart and in my Soul for her … I can NEVER forget the miracle that she donated to me …. if I am alive today it’s only thanks to Her! I sense a strong bond towards her, and I love her! I will never stop thanking her … never!!!


Vision Of The Virgin Mary And Miracles Testimonials was told by Elisabetta


Vision Of The Virgin Mary And Miracles Testimonials


Vision Of The Virgin Mary And Miracles


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