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Testimonials of Graces Received St Giuseppe

Testimonials of Graces Received Saint Giuseppe experiences


Testimonials of Graces Received St Giuseppe : dear Sara, I have been following your website for a long time, a couple of times I also shared some small experiences, today, however, I would like to tell you the story of my son, who, for privacy reasons, in this story I will call Angelo; I have never tried to share it with anyone because I always thought it was too long, in any case, I will try today; Angelo was born in 2002, the pregnancy was fine, although I did feel a strange premonition throughout the 9 months, at the end of the pregnancy the fetus was sitting in an abnormal position and therefore, for fear of any complications, and against the opinion of my gynecologist, I took the decision to go for a C-section.


One evening in October I had a scheduled overnight stay at the hospital to get me ready for all the pre-birth exams, however I started to get contractions … so at 4 am I was being prepped for an emergency C-section.


I don’t know why my anguish was growing with each minute, I was certain something was going to go wrong, I had, as I always say whenever I tell this story, a feeling like death was all over me. While I was in the operating room, I saw a little statue of the Madonna and I thought: “I beg you, help me, because without your help I don’t think I am getting out of here alive”.


And then I remember absolutely nothing!


The awakening was traumatic, I felt very sick, especially because nobody was telling me anything about the baby, the nurses were avoiding me. Later on my husband told me that Angelo was having some respiratory problems and so they placed him in the incubator. Hours went by and they continued to not show the baby to me, I kept asking the nurses, my relatives, everyone replied in an evasive manner. In the evening, around eight o clock’, a nurse informed me that the baby had been transferred to a different hospital because his condition had deteriorated (the hospital I gave birth in did not offer a specialized maternity facility)


I was told by the same nurse that during the C-section I had an undefined “crisis” and that I risked my life! She told me literally “please say thank you to some Saint, because they just about grabbed you back into life by your hair!”


During the following days, despite the fact that they calmed me down by telling me that the baby had a simple case of amniotic fluid in the lungs, I continued to feel uneasy. Once I was released from the clinic I kept going to visit my son in hospital every three hours, to feed him, however unfortunately (or fortunately), when he was just about ready to be released too, I came down with a serious temperature, they checked me and diagnosed me with a bad infection where the C-section scar was. I was admitted into the same hospital where my son was, who, instead of being released, at this point was kept in the hospital also.


The following day, while I was breastfeeding Angelo, he became blue in the face. The doctors yanked him from my arms and rushed me back to my room. An hour or two went by … (I did not know, I was desperate, I could not comprehend what was happening to me) and a nurse aid from the doctor came to me, they needed my consent to perform an MRI. A podiatrist informed me of the situation with tears on her face, and, between one tear and the other, she explained that they saw a mass of very large dimension in the chest of my son, behind the heart, between the lungs.


I do not possess words to describe what I felt in that moment, it was a pain too big to describe, like a punch in the stomach that takes your breath away and fogs your mind. Unfortunately the results of the MRI confirmed this presence, it can only be a neuroblastoma cancer. The news hit me really badly, I was sick not only physically but also, and worse, psychologically. I asked to go back home to spend the night with my husband and daughter.


The following morning, while we were going to a hospital, they called me on the cell phone to tell me that my Angelo was on his way to another hospital, the Gaslini, on a military aircraft. I saw him while they were loading him on the ambulance that was taking him away …. his face was a color that was not easy to define. I remember that my daughter, who was there with me at the time because she finally wanted to see her little brother, was convinced she had send Angelo dead inside a coffin! My husband immediately bought a ticket for the city of Genova, I could not join him because of my poor health.


After a few hours we called the Gaslini hospital, from which they inform us that the situation of the baby is critical, he could no longer breathe independently, the tumor was massive inside his little body and it was compressing his organs, they could not operate …. too risky. They did not say whether this crisis could be overcome. I burst into tears, I could not comprehend how a baby only10 days old could have a tumor inside him, I felt like dying.


In that moment my mother in law, a woman of extraordinary faith, gave me a book of prayers to Saint Giuseppe, and she told me “say these prayers every day, it will help you”. My faith at the time was lukewarm, but, I was desperate enough, I had nothing to lose, I began to pray.


The following day my baby started the chemotherapy. With great shock from the doctors, after only 3 days the tumor had shrunk in size sufficiently for the baby to resume breathing by himself. A couple of weeks later I received from my gynecologist the authorization to travel and I went to Genova. I continued to say my prayers, but the baby’s condition continued to be serious, still not operable. The chemo also destroyed his immune system and his red blood cells. He needed blood transfusions.


I continued to pray every day, I even went to Arenzano, to a sanctuary to Baby Jesus of Prague, and I asked the priests there to please pray for my Angelo. I asked everyone I bumped into to please do the same. Several prayers groups formed everywhere, even away from the town we lived in …. the word was spreading! The tumor was beginning to shrink, the doctors were stunned, they were not expecting it! They even began to believe that it was even going into remission. The second cycle of chemotherapy for Angelo was very smooth … no collateral effects at all! Now he is a little over a month old, a veritable little man, he smiles a lot and looks at me carefully when I speak. A few days before Christmas the doctors, based on his good physical conditions and based on the fact that the tumor had almost completely vanished, decided to operate.


The surgery, despite everything, lasted almost seven hours, the spot where the tumor is lodged was a very delicate one, but the surgeons were able to remove the entire mass, nothing at all of it was left inside the body of my child. He recovered at record speed, and was able to leave intensive therapy the day following the surgery. We spent the day before Christmas together in a little room in the hospital. A week later, Angelo was finally able to see his house, and his sister, who despite being only three years old, had to cope with seeing her parents disappear from her for a very long time.


The lead surgeon at the Oncology ward, when we were about to leave, told us: “Some of the help came from us, but much of the help came from Divine Intervention”. And now I am sure of it. Now Angelo is almost 11 years old, he is a wonderful child. And as for me, I keep thanking Saint Giuseppe, Jesus and the Madonna for the help that they gave me and that they still give me … always. The book of prayers to Saint Giuseppe is always in the drawer in my bedside cabinet.


I apologize for writing such a long story, I don’t know if you will want to publish it, but I feel that this is also another way to tell them THANK You!


Testimonials of Graces Received Saint Giuseppe was told by Daniela


Testimonials of Graces Received St Giuseppe experiences


Testimonials of Graces Received St Giuseppe


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