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Experience in Medjugorje

Experience in Medjugorje The Madonna Changed My Life


Experience in Medjugorje : dear Sara, I am sending you my testimonial on Medjugorje, I was raised in a college run by nuns, rather strict; just to give you an idea, they would make me recite the Rosary even when I had a broken leg and was standing on my crutches, I worked in a Religious Institute, as a secretary, where every year they would invite me to go on a pilgrimage to Lourdes, an offer which I always promptly refused, then in 2007 I changed,  I left, slamming the door behind me as I walked into the life in the public life; between 2007 and 2010 in my house there was a disaster, family arguments, legal fights for the children, debts with banks, I almost lost my home and I had to take out a mortgage, I had a fight with my mother and I was thrown out of the house, and now my oldest son was leaving our home.


I am 57 years old and have been a widow for 23, I used to live for my children, I was desperate and had completely lost my way, one day I read a little leaflet for a trip to Medjugorje, and for some reason, I decided to book it (first pilgrimage in my life), as a coincidence many of my colleagues and friends joined me on this trip, the dates were set for leaving on 28 September and returning 4th October 2010; back then, I also had a married companion with whom I had been having a relationship for 15 years, stuck into obscurity, in the shadow from the sun. We arrived and I began to separate from the rest of the group, even during the uphill part to Podboro I managed to get lost and suddenly my cell phone no longer worked, I had been relying on my nurse girlfriends because I had, and still have, serious problems with my vertebras, and I had to be accompanied as a precaution.


When I reached the blue cross, I cussed at my back luck but especially I cussed at “up there”, for not taking care of me, as always; I saw a dad with his child and I asked if I could follow them, I lost him too and I didn’t know how but I found myself right on the top but without suffering from pains, without being tired, with my little stick (was I flying?), once I arrived on top, being cynical as I usually am, I was amazed at these people who pray on their knees on stones, some of them have tears in their eyes, I sat down and I thought: these people are crazy, and from the tail end of my eyes, I observed the white statue of the Madonna, I turned my gaze back where it was and I sat on a stone. In that precise moment I saw some voluntary workers carrying a young man (years ago my youngest kid, now 27 years old,  had a serious trauma on his cranium, two brain surgeries, meningitis, etc etc… and subsequent deterioration, and death, from the anguish, for my husband’s tumor); this young man had the same red curly hair like my son, the same eyes, well, he looked just like him, he stared at me, passing, he was completely paralyzed, in that precise moment I heard a little female voice telling me (I believe I even heard it in a local Venetian dialect) “You complain so much about life, and I saved you a child”…. From that moment on my life changed, my colleagues eventually found me, crying, still on that stone (I had left at two in the afternoon), I began to think I had hallucinated, I the following day I went to confession, something I had not been able to do for twenty years, I just spent eight hours straight in the sun, which I even  watched moving, I returned home and I felt like I was walking on clouds, I realized I did not have any visions: while navigating on the internet I realized that many people had had my same experiences, I started with the 5 stones: rosary, monthly confession, holy communion and Mass, fast, I joined a bible study group, after six months my “great Love” left me, and I started living better: he freed me!!


Three years later, my parents can not believe their eyes, the discussions are a thing of the past, the problems are still there, granted, but I am no longer alone, “up there” I have everything next to me, that pushes me and gives me hope, companionship and the right suggestions, I hope to be able to send the same to my own children, when you feel well you want to share it with your loved ones, and so I was so good as to having brought my little 27 year old “atheist” on a field trip to Rome, it was 13th of March 2013, he almost enjoyed it, certainly he was impressed by this new Pope, if they are roses of the Madonna, they will bloom, the only thing I am sure of is that the confession priest in Medjugorje, at my fourth pilgrimage there, told me, “Pray to the Madonna also for your son, she is a mother and she listens to the problems of other mothers”, and so I do, it’s a wonderful journey that I have taken, with every year I notice it more, and I hope to be able to write to you about another miracle


Speak to you soon


Never give us, says Pope Francisco, the Writings and the advice from “UP THERE”


Experience in Medjugorje The Madonna Changed My Life was told by Roberta


Experience in Medjugorje The Madonna Changed My Life


Experience in Medjugorje


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