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The Answer To My Prayer The Angel

The Answer To My Prayer The Angel With The Green Coat


The Answer To My Prayer The Angel : dearest Sara Luce, I would like to tell you about something that happened to me 15 years ago, it was the beginning of the month of October, it was a very complex and difficult time of my life, problems with my husband’s work who had invested too much money, my own work, my mother who got more sick and so we had to make some difficult decisions that would have certainly changed our lives (I had promised my mother that I would have taken her in to live with us when the time came), I would have had to stop working to take care of my mother, the children, and other things, everything seemed to weigh heavily on my shoulders,  and suffering from all these things, I was a little depressed, I saw everything black in front of me, and not having anyone else to turn to for help, I turned to God, to the Madonna and some Saints that I feel particularly close to my heart, to my Angel, I spoke a lot with them, I asked all of them not to abandon me, to give me the strength to keep going, and finally I asked to send me someone who could give me a good word, some words of hope, to comfort me, help me, and regain my faith in people, in tomorrow, etc.


After two days, I was alone in my shop, and a very minute lady, elderly, very modest and with her hands always folded in front of her, her hair all tied up in the back (in a bun), she had a coat of an antique light green color, a color I had never seen; she started talking to me asking me very politely, with a gentle and sweet voice, how things were going, if I was working, she asked me so many questions, she seemed to know everything about me, about my children, the strange thing is that without realizing I was doing it (I only noticed it a few days later when I reflected on this) I started talking and talking, even though I am usually reserved, even more so when I am in the shop, but I talked to this lady as if she was an old friend, opening myself up and confiding in her; she listened to me, and she sweetly encouraged me, in the end she gave me a rosary and she repeated several times to pray and recite the rosary every day with my family, she suggested I went to Church, telling me that there was a prayer group that met every Friday evening to recite the rosary together in Church, then she told me that she would return one more time to bring me a Bible and rosaries for my children.


After two days she returned, she brought the bible, it was the same color of her coat, and two more rosaries, inviting me to pray for our Father and Mother in the Sky, and she told me “Every time you have problems, or you are down, or have doubts, etc. turn to the Father, he always listens and always helps his children”, then she told me that she could not come again, and so I asked her, not without some pressure, to give me her phone number or tell me where she lived, so that  when I finished reading the bible I could return it to her, she told me “I am not from over here, but don’t worry, I know how to find you and if I need it back I will come to collect it from you”, she did not want money for the rosaries, so I wanted to give her a gift to compensate, but she told me that she could not accept it, and that I could thank her by doing what she suggested: pray.


For the following three months I kept asking myself who she could have been, if anyone knew her, I went to Church hoping to find her there, but to no avail.


On the Christmas evening of that same year, a fantastic and emotional surprise, all was revealed.


Our friends from North Carolina in America came to spend Christmas with us, and in the evening we exchanged the customary gifts, when it came my turn, Christen, our friends’ daughter who is very close to us, since she used to come over here every year to spend a few weeks on vacation with us, among the other gifts gave me a little box and told me, “This is specifically for you, when I saw it I decided I absolutely had to give this to you, I could not help myself”.


I unwrapped it, and when I took out the little statue from the box, I turned very pale, my legs were shaking, and tears were coming down my eyes, I was petrified, the little Statue was the exact replica of the little lady that visited in my shop, the only difference is that she had WINGS and that at her feet there was the word Hope.


I noticed that all of a sudden a cold silence had descended into the room, they were all staring at me, looking disappointed and worried, and so I had to explain to them the reason for that reaction, but I also told them that I was ecstatic because for me that gift was the most wonderful gift ever, and that it made me very happy.


I don’t now if you can believe me, but even to date, whenever I think about it, I get emotional.


I tried to send you the pictures of the little statue and of the bible, as soon as I get my pc fixed I will send them, probably not before Easter, unfortunately from this PC I can not do it, I am not very well versed with computers, I am still learning.


I hope you liked the fact that I shared with you this wonderful experience, I send you a tight hug, and sorry if I ended up writing a long story.










The Answer To My Prayer The Angel With The Green Coat was told by Rosa Anna


The Answer To My Prayer The Angel With The Green Coat


The Answer To My Prayer


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