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The Meeting With Jesus Christ

The Meeting With Jesus Christ My Spiritual Growth


The Meeting With Jesus Christ : dear Sara Luce, after more than one year, I return to write to you for two reasons; the first, because I want to thank you from my heart for the great work that you are doing with your website The Words Of The Angels, ever since I have known about this site I have never stopped reading it, it’s like an almost daily appointment where I can ask myself questions, but more importantly to have confirmation and “tips” about my spiritual growth.


The second reason pertains my experience, which I would like to share with you.


The last time I wrote to you, I was wading in a sea of pain and misunderstandings with my companion, I was seeking to understand why what I could do to put a stop to so much suffering, and allow my family to remain united.


After more than one year, however, I can testify that all of this helped me meet our brother Jesus Christ. It’s a great peace, a fire that warms you up, it expands and regenerates, it does not burn but rather gives us life, it’s in the center of our chest, it’s the serenity with relations with others, it’s the recognition of ourselves in one unique truth: I Am Love, starting from the center of ourselves out to welcome others, their pain, and discovering that they are definitely not a burden.


During this year I met my great help, my protector, my confidante, my warrior Archangel Michael, I have loved and felt as an absolute truth that the family of Jesus is truly also my own family. I thank my “Celestial Mother”, Holy Mary Mother, for all of her patience that she demonstrated to me, and for the immense Love that she has for her children and for the great deeds that she unrelentlessly does to lead us to Jesus and to God, despite all of our resistance.


Dear Sara, I also want to thank my other Angel, Andrea, who was my father in this terrestrial life, and whom I also feel as one of my many protectors.


My dear Sara, lastly, with my testimonial, I would like to testify how wonderful is the love that our God Father has for each one of his creatures, and how every thing is done to lead us to HIM, in the Unity, making us understand that all of the rest is just a game, sometimes sweet, sometimes bitter, a dream, but that just like all other dreams disappears when we wake up in the Light of the paradise that is possible, here, in this life.


Thank you my dear Celestial Family, I Love You very much.


The Meeting With Jesus Christ My Spiritual Growth was told by Anna Maria


The Meeting With Jesus Christ My Spiritual Growth


The Meeting With Jesus Christ


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