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Inexplicable Episodes Escaping Danger Miracles

Inexplicable Episodes Escaping Dander Miracles


Inexplicable Episodes


Hello, my name is Eleonora, something inexplicable happened to me too …. and also unforgettable … I was 19, I believe, I was returning home with my little motorcycle, it was a summer afternoon, I live a little outside the city center, a few miles away.


On my the way home, on the highway, there are a few illegally raised homes built there, and the fence of these homes lies almost on top of the motorcycle lane, what happened is that suddenly a car came out of one of such gates …. I found my way suddenly blocked in front of me, by this car, and I was also blocked on the left hand side by the traffic … the strange thing is that, I don’t know how, I somehow managed to get out of that situation, I remember nothing about it, I do not remember the seconds when it happened, I just found myself on the street further down, miles later, and I knew that I had escaped certain danger.


I found myself obliged to tell this event, this miracle, ever since I found your website, Sara, a while ago, and my sharing this story is with a desire to “give my thanks” for still being here; it is not necessary to publish it for every one to read … the important thing is that I wrote it, I thought about writing it many times, perhaps a Guardian Angel helped me with it?? That Angel knows I am thanking him.




Inexplicable Episodes Escaping Danger Miracles was told by Eleonora


Inexplicable Episodes Escaping Danger Miracles


Inexplicable Episodes


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