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Recent Miracles From Padre Pio

Recent Miracles From Padre Pio testimonials


Recent Miracles From Padre Pio : peace and wellbeing to all, my name is Pio and I am from Foggia, I am 23 years old and I am a firm non-religious; my life was marked with the presence of Padre Pio two times, everything started with the time I was born.


It was the evening of July 1991, my mother was in the delivery room, there was a complication. She started bleeding, the umbilical chord was wrapped around my neck and it was suffocating me.


The doctors told her that if I was not already dead, I was about to die very shortly.


My mother was stricken with anguish, she called upon Jesus and asked for an intervention from Padre Pio, promising that if I was born, she would have given me his same name. After her request, the umbilical chord miraculously unwrapped itself and moved on to the left leg, and I was able to be born without further complications.


The doctors exclaimed that this was a miracle! Now my first name is Pio, specifically for this grace that I received.


Another event happened when I was 9 years old, I was suffering from very strong headaches, so strong that I would pass out from the pain. They admitted me to the neurology ward at the hospital. Following and encephalograph they revealed that the main vein in my brain was almost shut, and I was at risk for a stroke.


The doctor told my mother that the one solution available was that of performing surgery, but he also warned her that there was also a risk that I could end up on a wheelchair for the rest of my life.


My mother removed me from the hospital, telling me that she was going to send me to another facility in San Giovanni Rotondo, but that turned out to be unnecessary.


That evening, after having left the hospital, I was preparing my suitcase with my mother, and all of a sudden I left the bedroom and I saw Padre Pio, coming toward me, and I remember shouting “Mom, Padre Pio is here”


My mom tried to calm me down, and while she took me to the kitchen, suddenly in the living room I fall to my knees, my eyes wide open were staring straight at one spot. My mother was scared, she was calling me, but I was looking at a different direction.


Even though I was inside my house, I suddenly found myself in a wonderful place, full of light. Suddenly I saw Padre Pio, smiling, but he did not speak to me, instead he placed himself behind my shoulders, and suddenly I saw a great Golden Light. He was a very tall man, of a beauty and Light that were fantastic, he told me: “Don’t be afraid, I am Archangel Michael”. And all of a sudden Padre Pio placed his hand on my head, and I felt my headache go away.


Archangel Michael added: “You have been healed through our Savior Jesus Christ, from now on you will no longer go to a hospital”.


Another Light was blinding me, and I came to, telling my mother: “Mum, mum, I am healed”, and I told her everything. My parents wanted to take me to the hospital again, making me take the exam again. The doctors were speechless, the once clogged vein was now completely free; the doctors said “Only God could have done this”.


I shred my testimonial various times in churches with young people, and I still happily do it for anyone who requests it. I even know a few spiritual daughters of Padre Pio, one of whom passed away on August 5th this year, her name is Rachele Villani, known by the nickname Rachelina. She was a sweet lady, full of God; priests, nuns and even bishops would go to her to ask for advice. She was a praying soul, and with her words she made you love Jesus and Mary even more, I thank God for having had the opportunity to chat with her many times.


This is my testimonial, peace and wellness to all!


Recent Miracles From Padre Pio was told by Pio


Recent Miracles From Padre Pio


Recent Miracles


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