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The Miracles Of The Madonna Of The Grotto

The Miracles Of The Madonna Of The Grotto experiences


The Miracles Of The Madonna Of The Grotto : dear Sara Luce, I want to introduce you to a miraculous grotto, it’s a place of healing and liberation; Carmela was a little old lady who had it built after she had a serious accident in her workplace, a piece of machinery ripped off her entire scalp, she was in a coma; she saw the Madonna, and she asked her to erect this grotto, and to make it freely accessible to all, Carmela lived reciting the Rosary and proclaiming the words of God with the Bible.


I discovered this place by mistake while I was going for a jog.


I could smell incense and flowers.


Carmela explained to me that it was Jesus who was blessing with the smell of incense, and also that the smell of incense was actually coming from the cross that was also inside the grotto.


I started to recite the Rosary with the people who were already praying there. I was a catechist. I did voluntary work at the local soup kitchen. I have always been like this, a little unusual. Now I abandoned the dogmas, but Jesus is my teacher. I feel that Angels are close to me.


In that place the Madonna was present, Carmela would relay her messages to us, but everything was done secretly, there were many priests and exorcists, I witnessed unimaginable healings and I listened to the messages of love from the Madonna.


Carmela was a little old farmer from the Cilento area in Italy, she did not even speak Italian, but in those moments she seemed to speak it perfectly well, and with extraordinary sweetness; she was modest, and nothing was every published, she passed away four years ago due to a tumor, and she never stopped saying “Jesus, I love you, I trust you and place my hope with you”.


Well, I had been going through a moment of desperation, I separated about 10 months ago. It was in the year 2000 and I applied to all language school jobs, my PhD is in languages.


My best friend died when she was 33 years old, due to a breast cancer, and she came to me in my dream, she was speaking to me on the phone, “Filomena, the school, pedagogy, the child”


I understood that she was showing me the way, I would dream of her every time I passed a test, she would laugh happily with me; we really loved each other, Linda and I.


Well, I started to have vision problems, I would literally stop seeing, my right hand was a lazy eye and I would lose focus.


I took my written tests, I passed the first nursery school teacher, then I passed the primary school teaching test, then my professor qualification, when I was taking my secondary school teaching test, where I was even more prepared, I started losing my sight. I could not work around it, I took all the course tests and passed them all, but no, I simply lost my eyesight.


I could not pass the written test, which actually turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as nobody ever found a job from that training module.


Now I had to study the oral test, I did it with enormous sacrifice, I could not see, I did visual exercises, I learned tactics to focus my sight, but it was both painful and dangerous; I increased the font of the books I was reading, I recorded my voice and I would listen to it with my headphones, I passed both tests but only for primary education teaching.


I placed 33rd over 10,500 applicants, Linda was right, School, Pedagogy, child, therefore elementary school.


I started my job in 2005, I teach in a high crime area in Naples, I earn little but for me it’s more of a mission, because I loved my little students!!!


Anyway, after the test, I prayed the Rosary, and while I was reading the mysteries, I started to not see again, and I said out loud “I can’t see well, but I want to keep trying for my Madonna, if she wants to,  I know I can do it”.


After the mystery, I was sitting at the feet of the statue, I placed my face on the right hand of the statue, to meditate the mystery.


I felt very light, I started feeling as if someone was removing some cotton from the inside of my eyes, I can’t quite explain it, I clearly felt as if something was being removed from my eye, and I started to say out loud what I was feeling.


I went to an eye doctor that knew me, and he told me that I did not have a lazy eye!!! I was suffering from a little bit of long sight ness but I no longer had the lazy eye that I had from the day I was born, and I never lost my sight since then.


I did not ask for the miracle, there is so much pain in the world, I was not even thinking about it, it was a gift that was given to me, I was destined to be a teacher, and now I am a teacher, with my heart and with my soul.


The grotto is in Battipaglia, in the outskirts of Salerno, Italy, it’s situated at the entrance of Battipaglia as you reach it form the highway, from Naples it is located in the middle of low income housing blocks that are located right next to the municipal villa in front of the carabinieri police station.


It does not have a name, it belongs to this family, but it is accessible to all, it’s known as Carmela’s grotto. We would recite the Rosary there every Wednesday at 10. Carmela said that the Madonna actually chose that day, and those who asked for help on the Wednesday, would normally obtain in the following day.


Here is the picture of the grotto, a place of healing and liberation, and the picture of the Madonnina of the Grotto.

image grotto of Madonna



Image Madonna of the grotto


An embrace


The Miracles Of The Madonna Of The Grotto was told by Filomena


The Miracles Of The Madonna Of The Grotto experiences


The Miracles Of The Madonna Of The Grotto


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