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How To Escape Drugs I Want To Quit Drugs

How To Escape Drugs I Want To Quit Drugs experiences


How To Escape Drugs I Want To Quit Drugs : my name is Andrea and I was born in Caltagirone, near Catania, Italy, my father works for the postal service and my mother works in the town hall; ever since I was small I went to Church and I received all the sacraments that are usually bestowed, baptism, confession, communion, christening, and matrimony; at one moment in my life, when I was 12, a transformation took place inside me, I started to show a rebellion, both internal and external. I started to smoke cigarettes and light drugs (hashish, marijuana, alcohol and phsycopharmaceutical drugs).


I kept my habit until I was 18 years old, selling on the streets of my town and every now and then I was arrested for theft. Then I started to use heroin intravenously and I was using it daily.


By the time I was 21 I entered a community and I spent two years of my life there, my daughter Christine was born there, I practically never saw her grow up during her first years of her life due to the community rules. Then I left the community and I started a new life, however, when I was 25 I started to use cocaine, not just once a day, this time I was injecting myself 10/15 times a day. During that time my son Daniel was also born.


This addiction to this substance brought me to having to sell a carpentry business that was running very well for me, I made my own family go hungry, my children, due to the lack of hot water, had to bathe with very cold water. During these years I tried many times to stop. I returned to the same community for another six months, but not even a year after I left I had a relapse. Then, I started to see psychologists, psychiatrists, I went to see priests, I was convinced I was possessed… but to no avail.


By August 2011, I reached a point in my life I had never reached before.


On that same period, I had a dream, this is the dream: I found myself in an immense green prairie, and in the distance I could see a person that I knew, he was very small. This person had the very same addiction problems that I had, but this person had already been living in the faith of God for about 10 years. I knew this person only by sight, I never had any contact with him. In my dream he would talk to me and tell me words of comfort: “Stay calm, serene, everything will turn out fine”.


His voice sounded as if he was right next to me. Then, suddenly, that entire distance was eliminated and he was right in front of me, and he kept comforting me.


The following night, I dreamed again that I was in the same green prairie, but, instead of standing up, I was laying down, looking up at the sky and I could hear a voice telling me” You need to start praying, start reading the Bible, go to a Church”. At that point I woke up, and  I immediately turned the computer on and started to buy a bible on line, but when I saw that it cost about 20 Euros, I abandoned the idea.


During those days the pain was very strong, my desperation was very deep and the idea of killing myself was by then a permanent thought in my head. On September 2nd, I decided to leave my wife and children, who had already moved to Padua a year earlier, and I wanted to return to Sicily to end my life in my own house.


I said goodbye to my child and my daughter, telling them these words: my children, today I will leave and I will not return again to you, because I want to eliminate this cancer inside me, and free you.


I remember that during the car trip, there were moments of strong desperation and pain, they brought me to cry violently and open the window and scream with all of my strength and all of my heart “God, either you save me now in this moment or take my life away because I can’t live like this anymore”.


I arrived in Caltagirone, my father welcomed me, when he saw the state I was in (I had dropped to 58 kilos, now I weigh 70 kilos) he did not even say hello, he asked me a very direct question: what did you come here for? And I answered him completely honestly: I came here to take my own life in my own house.


A few days later, however, for my birthday, on the 14th of September, on facebook, I started receiving birthday wishes by so many people I knew, and amongst all those, I received a birthday wish from Maurizio, the guy in my dream, and he wrote to me: “Andrea, happy birthday to you, and may GOD bless you”.


I could not remain indifferent to that message, I replied to him, telling him that I would have liked to talk to him. And he replied immediately with “Whenever you want”. We met a few moments later.


Even if we did not know each other, I told him my entire life in all its details. When I finished my story, my question to him was “What should I do? I don’t know if I will even make it through tonight”. And he told me that we needed to start praying right away.


By that point I did not really believe in anything anymore, not even on the existence of God, but I remember closing my eyes, and I started to pray with all my heart to Jesus, as if he was right there next to me, and I started to ask forgiveness for all my sins, and then I asked for him to enter my heart, free me and become the God in my life.


The cries and the screams were very strong, but in that same moment, I remember feeling as if I had been freed. Soon after that, I felt a sensation of peace that I had never experience in my life. I was born again!!


From that day to date, I never used any more drugs, phsychopharmaceutical substances, methadone, alcohol … nothing at all!


I started to read the Bible that very same evening, it made me feel good that night as it makes me feel good today, it gives me a great interior peace and a constant joy.


A few days later, in the Gospel from Marc, chapter 11 verse 25, I read: “Everything you ask for in prayer, believe you have already obtained it and it will be given to you” and so I decided to pray and, speaking to GOD, I told him “God, if you are as powerful as this Gospel says here, I ask him to remove my habit of smoking cigarettes, but with one particular detail, that I will not feel withdrawal symptoms or become nervous from withdrawing”. In that period I would smoke about 40 cigarettes a day.


The following morning, I tried to smoke a cigarette, I only managed to smoke half of it, then I threw the other half away, along with the remainder of the packet, sure that I would never need it again. I had been freed also from cigarettes!!


The following day GOD started changing my way of thinking, my actions, my way of life. He reunited me again with my wife and children; our wounds have been completely healed, but especially, the greatest joy for me is having found the meaning of life, helping others find peace and joy, especially those who use drugs, alcohol, etc. all those who have a strong suffering inside their heart.


This is but a small part of what happened in my life, because if I went into details I would never end this letter, I have been living in faith for the last three years, I have seen so many miracles that it would take me six days just to list them all.



How To Escape Drugs I Want To Quit Drugs was told by Andrea


How To Escape Drugs I Want To Quit Drugs experiences


How To Escape Drugs I Want To Quit Drugs


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