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The Virgin Mary And The Angels In Dreams

The Virgin Mary And The Angels In Dreams And In Life


The Virgin Mary And The Angels In Dreams : hello Sara Luce, I have the Angels and the Virgin Mary to thank if my husband is still alive, it’s a very long story to tell you because all this happened when I was just 8 years old; I can not explain exactly what happened and how it did happen, but I used to see Angels when I was small, they would talk to me, there were so many of them, many Angels or many Souls, I could not explain it to you, at the beginning I would get scared because it was as if I could not move, they would paralyze mennot to harm me, but just because they wanted to be heard.


But since I was small I would try never to be left alone, because this used to happen only when I was alone in my room.


Over the years, now I am 37 with five children, my last three daughters Ilaria, Emily and Francesco, they are daughters from my companion, exactly the man whose life was saved by the Angels and the Virgin Mary.


He had started to feel unwell, initially his head would just spin, then days and weeks later the condition would get even worse, vomiting more and more often … he did not feel in danger because the doctors were already treating him for other symptoms …. like gastritis, exhaustion, and stress.


And in that period I started to hear a voice talking to me and it would make me say words with a very untypical directness …. such as: you have a bad illness …. you are dying! ...


He kept going to the doctors and to the hospital, but nothing came of it, always the same diagnosis …


During that time I was pregnant with our last daughter Francesca Pia, I was 7 and a half months pregnant …. let me take a step back … let me tell you about the pregnancy with Francesca Pia ….


She arrived by chance, we did not look for her, since we understood we could not conceive, we had had artificial insemination for the first two children … so we did not even dream that she would be arriving to join us.


I was already a month and a half pregnant when my sister in law suggested I took a pregnancy test, but I was skeptical, because I knew, I did not want to do it …


In any case, every night I would have a dream that would show me the passages of the pregnancy … big belly … losing some milk … even my delivery, and it all happened exactly as the dream showed ….


I never would have believed it, trust me …


Once I discovered I was pregnant I was in full panic … I already had two twins and I was already worn out … I considered not keeping her …


My husband disagreed … in the end, though, I was the one taking the final decision.


One day, I remember it as if it was today, I heard a male voice … it told me “Keep this child … it’s a gift … if you don’t keep it something bad could happen to someone in your family”.


And so I decided to keep the baby ..


The Virgin Mary arrived too, she blessed me with a strong light made of water vapor, and if the place she was is indeed Paradise, then I tell everybody: don’t be afraid … there is such a peace, such an ecstasy, such a profound love, pure, real, I had never felt it … it’s a sensation that I wise for everyone … endless love …


The Virgin Mary And The Angels In Dreams And In Life was told by Mara


…. and Mara’s testimonial continues in the next publication




The Virgin Mary And The Angels In Dreams And In Life


The Virgin Mary And The Angels In Dreams


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