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Angelic Warnings In Dreams

Angelic Warnings In Dreams Believing


Angelic Warnings In Dreams : in the first part of her testimonial, http://www.leparoledegliangeli.com/en/miracles/4088-the-virgin-mary-and-the-angels-in-dreams-and-in-life.html we left Mara at the beginning of her pregnancy, the male voice had told her “Keep that child, it’s a gift, if you don’t keep it something bad could happen to someone in your family” and she had met the Virgin Mary who had blessed her with a strong light of water vapor; all this made her decide to continue with the pregnancy, despite the tiredness, she decided to carry on with the new life that she had in her womb.


During that period her husband started to feel sick, as she was telling us, his head would constantly spin and he was vomiting more and more often, even though the medics kept treating him for a gastritis, exhaustion and stress.


And now let’s return to Mara’s words.


And so, as I was saying, I was almost at my eight month of pregnancy … one night the Angels came to me in a dream …


They made me witness the funeral of my husband … they warned me, the coffin was empty … which was even more alarming … because it all depended on me… for many people this would have been just another silly dream or a stupidity … but I really lived the pain of his loss in my dream: I was a wreck.


In the morning I dressed him and I took him to another hospital. I said that this time I would not move from the hospital until they told me what he had, because in my opinion he was drying.


Sara, his face was yellow …


And over there they discovered everything … liquid filled cyst and tumor in the cerebellum.


He was rushed to two different hospitals, finally they performed surgery on him in Parma ... the neurosurgeon told me that even something like a cough fit would have been enough to kill him …. that I was brave … but the credit was not mine … they were always close to me to help me when there is really a need, or to guide me or make me take important decisions ….


In that dream, where they made me witness my husband’s funeral, they told me that he had three days left …


A hug ..


Angelic Warnings In Dreams Believing  was told by Mara



Angelic Warnings In Dreams Believing


Angelic Warnings In Dreams


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