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The Last Miracles Of Jesus Christ

The Last Miracles Of Jesus Christ The Lord Listens To Us


The Last Miracles Of Jesus Christ : hello dearest Sara, as promised, I am here to tell you my story, I was twenty six at the time, I was already mother of three children, around the sixth month of pregnancy of my second and last daughter, I started to feel very sick, strong headaches, swelling, water retention, I spent months in bed.


On my eight month I went to a check up and I was admitted urgently with a form of pregnancy complication that sometimes can cause death to both the baby and mother. A lady had died from the very same diagnosis just a couple of days before I was admitted to the hospital.


In any case, I was placed on monitors and isolation, in the dark, without visitation …. a very difficult situation! Only my sister, who worked as a registered nurse, was able to come into my room.


I started to feel worse, I was having convulsions of the upper and lower limbs, my albumin levels and blood pressure were through the roof. I started losing the concept of time and space, I was not coherent, I kept asking for a picture of my mother, who had died at the age of nineteen … I prayed constantly, sleeping and praying, tied to the IV and various monitoring machines … a Calvary, because the doctors were not able to conceal their concerns over my state of health. I was swollen like a balloon!!!


I had not yet reached my ninth month, when one night I had some pains, the time to give birth was approaching …. major alert in the clinic … I have only vague memories of this, but memories that are still very vivid inside my soul.


They took me to the delivery room, constantly monitored and with various needles pumping medication into me. In the room you could sense the fear, and I could hear my sister cry … at some point I no longer found myself inside my body, I started to ‘fly’ high up in the room, above my own body which was laying on the bed. I could see everything from up above, I could see me, my body, I was all crouched up, with legs and arms convulsing, they were keeping my tongue protected by means of a spoon covered with gauze, to keep my tongue outside so that I would not choke on it.


I was completely cyanotic … I could see everything, I could see me, the doctors, the staff running, but I could not feel anything, I could only watch, nothing else, my sister was crying and holding my hand … but I was “SERENE”, so serene up there, a spectator to all that was happening to me down below on that delivery bed.


I felt wonderful, a sense of well being that I can not even describe! I did not see any tunnel, did not meet anybody, but I was on another dimension! Then nothing else! Darkness, and days in which I barely felt alive.


Always monitored by specialists, a cardiologist, a nephorologist as well as an eye doctor … I had lost my sight …. I heard everything and my sister’s words, I had told her to keep my kids because I was dying. She would scald me and tell me that if I kept talking like that she would no longer come into my hospital room to visit …. I WAS BLIND, Sara, I could not see! I could hear, but I could not see.


I would pray, always with my cross in my hand, the small picture of my mother that my sister had given me, I was praying every moment I was awake .. I would beg the Lord to give me my life and sight back so I could raise my creatures, because I did not have a mother myself.


More than a month went by like this …


One morning I woke up, I did not see the usual black board in front of me, and I got a little scared …. I was seeing some clouds in front of me, clouds that were becoming gradually lighter and lighter, and then in front of me the image of the crucifix in my bedroom appeared … there, watching over me … and I felt like I was ready to die from joy …. an indescribable and unique emotion.


I cried endlessly, and from that moment on, my recovery started to take place, slowly, I was able to see my little creature that was already three months old since I ended up in the hospital ward for that period of time, and thank God my baby did not suffer any consequences from my dangerous situation … a situation that changed my life, because since then I have become hypersensitive and I have acquired many gifts, empathy when imagining myself in situations that other people are going through, to the point where I even end up suffering in my body and soul!


I hope I have told you everything clearly, I also hope to show everyone through my experience, my faith and the certainty that THE LORD listens to us, and with his mercy, that he comes to our help if we call him from the heart!


Goodbye Sara, thank you for all that you do for others. May God bless you forever!


Happy work!


An immense embrace. I love you.


The Last Miracles Of Jesus Christ The Lord Listens To Us was told by Luisella


The Last Miracles Of Jesus Christ The Lord Listens To Us


The Last Miracles Of Jesus


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