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The Religious Conversion

The Religious Conversion Strange Events That Marked My Conversion


The Religious Conversion : hello Sara, I don’t know if my rather long story about my conversion may interest you or not; in March 2015 I turned 68 years old, I was married in a Church but I did not want to, I thought that it was impossible for God to exist, because human beings are far too stupid, and so, before the marriage, my future wife was pregnant, I told my grandmother that I wanted to only get married in court, but there was no convincing her, and so I told her, that as a compromise, I would not baptize the children; I expected another battle with her, but surprisingly she did not put up a fight with me; it seemed strange to me at the time, since she always did things as she wanted, but I did not say anything else, I married on 12th September 1976, before that day I had never, ever gone in to Church, and after that day I never entered a Church again, until I was 60, after my conversion.


My conversion started on 12th October 2002. The first of January 2002 I retired. That year I became connected to the internet, back then there was no DSL, you either spoke on the phone, or you chatted on the internet, and in those internet chats I was not a faithful husband, but only on chat, up until 12th October 2002.


I have to explain that I was seeking the meaning of my life in cosmology, and since I was retired and I had spare time, I would read magazines, I ended up reading a book about it, The Elegant Universe, at the end of which I concluded that the person who wrote the book knew as much as I did about the universe, and that meant nothing. Then one night, I was on my knees in my bed, I remember asking myself, why is it that sometimes we are happy, but many more times we are unhappy? Is it a coincidence?


Returning to the episode of the 12 October, that day I woke up with the idea that I was being spied on, and I was very thirsty. I went to my children’s room, and I told them that we were being spied on, I was shocked at their indifference; in the meantime I found myself asking my son for a glass of water five times, and each time I drank it in one gulp. That day I was going mad trying to understand who was spying on me, I was thinking of the mafia because I was surfing their porno websites for free, or the Americans because I was downloading files from their websites, I even cut the cable of the TV in my bedroom, I destroyed some cd's of the window 98 operating system. By the evening I could not sleep from too much thinking. So my wife called the emergency doctor, who established that neurologically speaking I was perfectly normal. Since I could not sleep she took me to the hospital and I ended up in the psychiatric ward, where they injected me with some calming medication and that night I was able to sleep.


During that day I never once thought of God, today looking back I think that if that day I had just thought “My God, what is happening to me?”, I could have spared myself so much future pain.


The doctors gave me some tablets to stay calm, and to sleep at night, but these tablets only increased my depression, and so I decided to stop taking them, I had to fight quite a bit with my daughters because of this, in the end they changed my medication and things improved a little.


During the following 4 years, up until 13th July 2006, every time that on TV I saw children suffering from hunger, or war, or diseases in Africa, I would have anxiety attacks, and I would start crying, my wife thought it was the medication that stopped having an effect on me, and she was always ready to call the psychiatrist.


My wife was not at all religious, she does not believe in God, she only wanted to marry in Church because her parents imposed it on her. This is why she was not worried about not baptizing our children, but this only discovered in 2014.


On July 13th 2006 I received by mail the image of the statue of the Madonna of Fatima, the date was not a coincidence, because in 1917, on the 13th of May, was the exact day and month of the apparition of the Madonna to the three shepherds to Fatima, who asked them to show up every thirteenth of each month until the thirteenth of October, a day for a great miracle of the sun.


I accepted that image because it has a nice heart in evidence, surrounded by a crown of thorns, the heart reminded me of my mother who had died from heart complications.


The image as dimensions is about 20cm by 30 cm.


The image came with a coupon for a donation attached to it, the following day I went to the post office and donated 10 Euros.


On the 15th of July I put the image on the PC keyboard that was on the table, I no longer own that PC now,  I had asked to the image to stop wars, stop hunger, diseases etc. I put the image away, I have to explain that I was alone in my house with my wife at work, my son was not at home, my daughter had moved out that year and on the 17th of May she gave birth to a beautiful girl. I waited for the Madonna to heed my requests, but in the following two days nothing changed in the world.


And so I placed the image on the keyboard again, and since it was a little hot, I asked the Madonna to bring about a storm to cool down the air, after that I had to go pee and so I went to the bathroom.


Again, in that moment I was alone at home, I was wearing a pair of beige shorts.


As soon as I got out of the bathroom, I looked at the kitchen door, and with a scream of joy I noticed that my shorts were completely wet.


I had to take them off so I would not wet my underwear, I smelled them, no smell, so I went to the bathroom, I checked the water seat, no leakage, everything completely dry, well, instead of bringing about a storm, the Madonna wet my pants.


The following year, after the 4th or 6th of April, I was wearing a pair of cotton gym pants, I was in bed, thinking about God, the paradise and other things that I don’t remember now; I took a short nap, then I got up, my son was in his room, my wife was in the kitchen, together with my daughter and her little girl. Once again I went to the bathroom to urinate, I was there 4 or 5 minutes, then when I got up I noticed that on the floor, in front of the water there was a lot of water, even before I flushed the water, I thought this was strange, but thought nothing else of it.


I went to the kitchen, my wife was holding my granddaughter, I played with her a little bit, and then I went to sit down, and I noticed once again that my pants were wet again, I took them off to keep my underwear dry, and I checked where they were wet.


They were wet right in the middle of the joint, they were so full of water that I could wring them, a couple of drops of water fell from them.


I told my wife to go to the bathroom to see how much water there was in front of the water, but she did not go.


My granddaughter was about 3 and a half years old a the time, I would go and pick her up from the kindergarten as I did every day, I placed her on my bed, it must have been October or November, I laid down next to her. I told her a story and she fell asleep.


While I waited for her to wake up, I turned around on my left side and I waited. After about 10 minutes I felt a pain in the middle of my back, and it was getting worse, it was a sharp pointed pain, it was getting worse every 10 or 15 seconds, I looked at my granddaughter to check if she was suffering too, and I noticed that her knee was barely touching me precisely in the point where I was feeling so much pain, when I could not longer bear it, because I thought that something could even happen to my spinal cord, I turned around with my back on the bed, and the pain very gradually left me, as of today I have not experienced anything like that again.


I believe the Lord wanted to check how much I loved my granddaughter, because I worried that if something did indeed happen to my spinal chord, I would not have been able to help my daughter by picking her up from kindergarten.


One of the abnormal things that happened to me was one day, I had started to go back to Church after perhaps 40 years.


During one of my confessions, the chaplain gave me a rosary.


That day I was alone at home, it was about two in the afternoon.


I turned the PC on and I looked for a website that explained how to recite the rosary, I found it, today that website is no longer active, in any case the website name was  www.miliziadisanmichelearcangelo.org, I took the image of the Madonna, I placed it on the table, the top part of the image was resting on a little decoration and the bottom part was standing on a pile of 10 cd’s that formed the operating system mandrival10, back then I was using it to navigate the internet with ADSL.


The image was obviously not standing up straight.


I started to recite the rosary out loud, I was alone anyway, and while I was reciting the rosary, I was looking at the image.


I don’t know why, but at a certain point, I associated mentally the image with sex.


As soon as I had this thought, the top corners of the image started moving back and forth, it must have been February or March, it was cold, all windows were shut, essentially, the image was moving as if it was a butterfly trying to lift off, which it did, and after five or six seconds the image fell on the cd’s, I used a finger to stop its fall.


After a few seconds, on the PC monitor I saw a window telling me that there was a bug in my operating system, and that to solve the problem I needed to contact the author of the software.


15 minutes later, the mouse stopped working, and to fix it I needed to reset the PC.


Needless to say that this problem ended up being permanent. After a few months I reinstalled the operating system Linux mandrival10, using the seven disks on which the image had fallen, but as I suspected, it did not work.


Even the seven read-only disks that my brother had given me had been modified.


Another strange fact happened on 25th April 2010.


That day was a splendid sunny day, my daughter was moving into her new home, I was in my car and my wife was driving hers, that day we took some things from the old apartment to bring to the new home.


Now, with my old Opel car, if I open any one of the door while the headlight switch is on, a little noise comes from the front of the car. When I loaded my car with things that day, we opened the car door, but this time there was no little noise.


When we arrived to our final destination, I got out of the car and still no noise, I emptied the car, I opened the door, no noise, I returned to the old apartment for another load to move, as I left the car the noise did come, but I did not have the lights on.


I believe the Lord wanted to tell me that in that new union (my daughter had changed man) that union would have lasted but only with the headlights on.


Before these signs I just described I had received others, but on those I prefer to keep some discretion.


If you ever publish my list of these events that happened, know that now I do believe in God and I promised to the Madonna that I will go to visit her every day, for as long as I am able to.


Thank you if you decide to reply,


A warm hug


The Religious Conversion Strange Events That Marked My Conversion was told by Ivano


The Religious Conversion Strange Events That Marked My Conversion


The Religious Conversion


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