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A Blessed Handkerchief From Medjugorje

A Blessed Handkerchief From Medjugorje The Vision Of The Madonna


A Blessed Handkerchief From Medjugorje : hello Sara, I will try to be as explicit as possible, in 2006 I was still an atheist, I did not know anything about Christian faith, never read the Bible, never seen a sacred image, and if people tried to talk to me about anything sacred, I would lose my patience and become nervous, I did not want to hear about it, I rejected anything divine, and the church; then one day I had a problem that nobody could help me with (forgive me but I choose not to disclose it) I was crying and I was anguished, I did not know what to do; a friend of mine, whose faith is very strong, gave me a white handkerchief which had been blessed in Medjugorje, and she told me to place it under my pillow.


Needless to say that I flat out refused, I did not even know what Medjugorje was, and I did not know what had been going on there for years, but just hearing the word “blessed handkerchief” was enough to make me refuse the offer.


My friend insisted, so much so that she would have also prayed for me, and because of her insistence I took the handkerchief, I placed it under the pillow like she said. I don’t even know why I did it, since I did not believe in these things, they disturbed me, but I did as she asked.


I was still very shaken and in tears. That night something inexplicable happened. For the first time, I poured my heart out to the Madonna and said: “If you really exist, please do something, help me”.


Then I don’t know how to explain what happened, all I know is that it was something very real. When I have a dream I never remember my dreams, and they are never so “live” …. all of a sudden I did not hear the noise of the cars outside, I felt as if my soul raised up slowly slowly, coming out of my body. Peace, only peace and wellbeing. It’s strange because even if I am happy I never manage to be so completely serene, but this time it was different, it was as if someone placed a holy hand on me to remove all sadness and anguish.


I did not feel my body, but I could feel the “emotions”, and I could see. I don’t know if it was my soul, in any case, I had no control of it … suddenly I felt myself turning toward my right side, and I saw a lady, with a shining vest, bright white, all white, a candid white. She moved, and breathed, she was alive. Above a cloud. The white tunic, her arms on her sides, with her hands open. Her oval face, she looked not older than 18. There was a veil over her head, but her neck and face were clear. Behind her a bush with green leaves, it was the only color I could see because she was so very bright white, such a color that I can not describe. She was looking at me, smiling. Sweet, very sweet. Not only her mouth, but even her eyes were smiling. I could sense her comfort. On her head was an oval shaped crown, that today I recognize as that of Fatima. She continued to smile at me, then I saw a majestic building in the distance, very pretty.


Suddenly it was as if I “returned to my body” at the time when I felt once again in my body I felt as if I was gasping for air, I sat up suddenly, but in that moment I saw the very same lady sat near me, her hand touched my heart, and at the same moment in which she did that, the feeling of needing air left me … I felt a deep peace, and I fell asleep.


The following day, the irresolvable problem that I had was resolved … I believed the Madonna came to me as a mother to tell me “do not be afraid, I am with you”.


Despite all this, I did not immediately become a Christian. I continued with my life until 2010, when I met a Muslim man who wanted to convert me at all costs. I was still atheist, and in love with him. But the more he tried to convert me to Islam, the more I felt an attachment to Jesus. And it’s very strange because I am an atheist!!! He tried for 4 months to convert me, and during those 4 months, despite the fact that I was an atheist, I did feel next to me the presence of Jesus. Me, who had never read the Bible before, and had never been to Church, me, who refused everything sacred, here I was, talking to him about Jesus and of the Sacrifice on the cross!!


One morning I heard a man’s voice, like a thunder in my soul, a voice that was very sweet and calm, but at the same time very authoritative, it told me “Tell the people whom you love to surrender to the mercy of my heart” and as soon as this voice stopped speaking, that of a woman said “Or to the immaculate heart of Mary”. As soon as this ended, I felt an enormous peace.


I did not understand at first, then I asked myself what mercy was. A month later I learned about the Divine Mercy and Saint Faustina. The Muslim young man continued relentlessly. I read the Koran and the hadith, but I felt a lot of anguish for what was written on it, I could not find peace and the more I read and the more I was in terror. I don’t know, but this was how I felt. I set it aside, and took up a Bible. I started to read the Gospel, and something started to change in me. I felt inside my heart that the Truth is in Christ. It was instant Love, and for this I gave up on the Muslim man, because I understood that I would not have been able to lie my newly “discovered” faith with serenity.


I prayed a lot for him. Now I am a Christian. I go to Church and I recognize Jesus as my only savior, and Mary as a good mother who prays for us Jesus.


Here it is …. in the end I was not so brief … of well … this is my story


A Blessed Handkerchief From Medjugorje The Vision Of The Madonna was told by Claudia


A Blessed Handkerchief From Medjugorje The Vision Of The Madonna


A Blessed Handkerchief From Medjugorje


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