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Divine Energy The Divine Flow

Divine Energy The Divine Flow In The Universe


Divine Energy The Divine Flow : hello Sara Luce, my name is Daniele, I would like to tell you about something that happened to me three years ago; my wife and I had moved to Torvaianica, in the outskirts of Rome, we lived on the fourth floor, it was March; we normally go to bed early because I work in Rome and in the morning I have to wake up at five am, one night, at around half past eight, I saw some lights in my bedroom, now, the shutters and the door were completely shut, there was no light coming in from anywhere, and yet between the wardrobe and the ceiling I could see some streaks of light, coming and going, right up to the ceiling above the bed, and when they stopped, they opened up in the shape of a luminous flower, then they would close up and move away again; the second day I placed a camera on the bedside table, but the lights did not appear; the third night the lights appeared, and I sprayed some holy water on them, one of the lights opened up in the shape of a little square; the fourth day I tried to speak with those lights, but evidently they were operating at a different frequency than mine. The last day I saw them, they were in the shape of twelve luminous diamonds, rotating on themselves in a static, oval shaped formation.


This happened during what was a the time a very difficult period for us, which preceded another extremely difficult period for us, medically this situation did not have a happy ending, I will tell you briefly about it: I was born (I speak in the past because of a spiritual belief, and because I am still in remission) with my spine curved to the shape of an S, my hips were slightly misaligned, a doctor could relate to this … in that period I had just turned fifty, and that’s when the real pains started: I would go to sleep with a back ache, I would wake up with a back ache, I would work suffering from back ache, which then would radiate to the rest of the body, just the act of picking up my wallet caused pain, lately I could only walk a couple of minutes then I would have to sit down so the pain would not take over completely. I tried acupuncture, various therapies, but they were all just of limited help and did not really fix the problem. All this despite all my prayers for healing, and I even had people pray for me to Jesus; I had lost ten pounds just from the suffering, the x rays showed different types of arthrosis, including arthrosys of the neck, as well as sciatica, etc …


One day, I placed myself in front of the image Jesus and I prayed like this: “Is it possible that in the Sky or on earth there may be someone who could help me, a Friend?” This was the term I used, and after a little while I came into contact with the teachings of spiritual healing of a Person who was born in 1906 and passed away in 1959, who lived in poverty, persecuted, only born to help humanity, like he said, and today, over fifty years since his death, there are people who continue to heal all over the world, his followers formed a Circle Of Friends of Bruno Groening, I found on facebook from doctors of healing from the radioactive damage from the Chernobyl disaster, and from a woman’s multiple sclerosis …. amongst other rare diseases, in a nutshell, this person used to say that the man is like a battery, and this battery needs to recharge with the Divine Current, which is present in the entire universe with a simple exercise, although obviously within the frame of a path of conversion from the bad to the good, he asserted that there is no such a thing as an incurable disease because God is the greatest Doctor, and that he, Bruno, helps us pick up this vital energy (which I believe is a manifestation of the Holy Spirit)


The exercises are done while sitting on a chair, or anywhere really, the palms of the hands facing upwards and resting on your thighs, the back not leaning against the back of the chair, legs and arms are uncrossed, you close your eyes and think of something nice in your lives, and you pray to God asking Bruno for Help, and then some people begin to feel a tingling in their hands, some feel heat, some like an electric shock, some feel nothing, but it happens, you feel renewed pains right in the point where the disease is located, but these pains no longer come from the disease itself, because we have surrendered the disease to Bruno (and then Bruno brings it to God), these are pains of reassessment, where the divine energy enters your body and fights the disease, so what you feel is the consequence of these reactions, but Bruno says that this kind of pain only leads to healing! These are not pains that I am at power to remove from you, for these pains form part of a necessary purification for the body.


He would say, give me your health issues and in turn I give you something else: HEALTH!


He had already foreseen his persecutions… he knew everything… a month before he died he said … those who have harmed me have done their job well, but they have arrived to the end ... and he also said: I too have done my job well, but this for me is just the beginning … all those who pray to God, it will be my task to Help them, and I will keep helping until that person is able to believe, to ask, to pray, I will be there for him, until he will do it properly ….


Well, I have been following these teachings for the last two years, last year I climbed the Great Sasso mountain, hiking for two hours, pain free …. for the REST he says: “You see, the healing of your problem is just five percent, the remaining 95% is what will really SHOCK you!” ... only, of course, if we choose to believe in this.


I wanted to communicate this to you, now I feel that things have come around in full circle:


We have a Father in the Sky

We have a Brother in the Sky

We have a Mother in the Sky


And a FRIEND in the Sky


In the Sky just like on Earth, just like the words from the most beautiful prayer that has ever existed.


Goodbye, if you have something you want to share with me I will await your reply


Divine Energy The Divine Flow In The Universe was told by Daniele


In Daniele’s words is also the answer to the rare manifestation of the Sky, these luminous streaks that for five days manifested in his room: it was a manifestation of the Divine Energy, of the Divine Flow which is present in the universe, and it reached Daniel in answer to his prayer, and it marked the beginning of the journey of healing he was about to take on.



Divine Energy The Divine Flow In The Universe


Divine Energy


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