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The Miracle Girl Why Do I Believe

The Miracle Girl Why Do I Believe experiences


The Miracle Girl Why Do I Believe : you know Sara, I never told you why I am such a strong believer because I love Jesus and the Angels and I hope that, once my testimonial is published, it may be of help to understand that the Love that they donate to us from the Sky is infinite.


I was sixteen when I fell sick while at school, I had a sharp pain in my side. They thought it was appendicitis.


I went to hospital to understand a bit better … the analysis said that I had an 8 cm. cyst in my ovary! The doctors immediately told me that they wanted to remove it, however they were anxious for me because of my young age and the possibility of some day me having problems if I wanted to conceive.


They tried to find a solution around it …. I took the contraceptive pill for a year. Unfortunately without luck. Then exactly a year later, I went for another scan, to decide whether to perform surgery or not. The solution unfortunately was indeed surgery, the cyst had not decreased at all in size.


The day before surgery I underwent a further scan to be one hundred percent sure, the result was the same. It needed to come out! There was no hope, I had to face this obstacle.


The day of the surgery came, it was six thirty in the morning. At about 8 am the nurses arrived to change me and prepare me for the very last scan just before surgery. Ten minutes later they took me back to my room, I looked at my mother in fear … I was totally on a different planet! The nurses returned to the room, they prepared me, the time for surgery had come.


I remember vividly, I was being wheeled away in the middle of the corridor, when all of a sudden, the Gynecology Primary Doctor rushed to the nurses and shouted to them: “Stop, stop everything! Take this girl back to her room! The cyst is gone! It’s not there any more, she no longer needs to be operated on!”


My eyes popped out of my sockets, I could not understand at all what was going on … I thought it was a joke. Well, a week earlier the cyst was there … the day before surgery it was still there, how can it possibly disappear like that?? All I know is that by eleven in the morning that day I was discharged, and I was also named the “Miracle Girl” in the ward.


I apologize if there are mistakes but, still now, I cry from the emotion. I wrote what I felt. I do not love God because He saved me, I love God because He has made me feel loved. Because He thought of my wellbeing … like a father. Because that is what He is for me … I felt important and thought of.


The Miracle Girl Why Do I Believe was told by Vanessa




The Miracle Girl Why Do I Believe experiences


The Miracle Girl Why Do I Believe


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