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Merciful Jesus Always Keeps His Promises

Merciful Jesus Always Keeps His Promises Experiences


Merciful Jesus Always Keeps His Promises : hello Sara Luce, the experience I had a few days ago is further proof that love outlasts even death, and that the Lord always keeps his promises; it’s all so incredible.


The other day was my birthday, and to celebrate, my family and I decided to go out for lunch. In the morning, at sunrise, I had a dream that upset my serenity, an accident, so much smoke I could not see anything, my brother, a policeman … I was shaken by this dream, however, this did not change our plan.


The strange decisions started right from the start … we chose a seaside resort, and we decided to go and pick up my mother, a widow, who lives about 30 miles away … I suggest my children to reach us directly at the restaurant using the other car. And so it was.


While we were having lunch, the sun disappeared behind the clouds, and a little while later a heavy rain started coming down. After lunch, the children headed home, while we went to take my mother home first.


Due to the heavy rain, which in itself was quite unusual, I made my mum sit in the back seat, whereas normally I would let her sit in the front, without seat belts, because the belt bothered her hip following a surgery.


On the way there, there was a sudden collision with another car, on a very unsafe stretch of the road, the same stretch of road where a few days earlier two people had died in an accident.


It was an instant, a fraction of a second, something supernatural avoided the frontal impact from happening, and five people escaped unharmed from the accident.


In our car, the air bags deployed, we hit the guard rail, the inside of our car was full of smoke.


The police intervened, my brother arrived, and, strange thing, my mother, who had fallen asleep in the back, did not even realize that anything unusual had happened.


An ambulance happened to be driving by, the paramedics could not believe their eyes! Every single person escaped unharmed from a seemingly deathly accident.


That’s when I suddenly remembered my dream, I thought of my dad, who protects me from the sky, always warning me when something has to happen, but especially at the amazing web of coincidences that only the Lord can organize: coincidence to not have brought my kids with us in the same car, coincidence to have made my mum sit in the back, coincidence to have found an ambulance that just happened to be there, not letting any other cars drive by in that very moment, on a stretch of very dangerous road, full of sharp curves.


I remembered the our Merciful Jesus promised to his followers that he will not let them perish in accidents, and I am convinced that all this that happened was His great gift.


Jesus always keeps His promises. I urge you, my friends, to worship our Merciful Jesus and to spread his name.


Thank you Sara Luce, for your patience and time to listen to me, I am still incredulous and at the same time happy, I am very grateful to our Lord and all His Angels, including my dad, for having saved the lives of five people.


Merciful Jesus Always Keeps His Promises Experiences was told by Beatrice




Merciful Jesus Always Keeps His Promises Experiences


Jesus Always Keeps His Promises


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