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Inexplicable healings testimonials

Inexplicable healings testimonials Healings that science can not explain


Inexplicable healings testimonials : the inexplicable healings are called just that because the existence of God is not taken into consideration, inexplicable healings that nonetheless do take place, and are recorded by medical instruments, and are the subject of many testimonials; however, each one of us has their own journey to take on earth, and perhaps illness or suffering may just be the stages that form part of our experience, our evolution as Souls; sending our prayers to the Creator means we authorize him to intervene in our illness, as support, help, sustenance, or even to free us from the illness all together; the prayer groups have this important function as hearts, they ask for help with the physical problems or problems of the Soul of people who go to them asking for their help; today I will bring you this short but poignant testimonial of one such healing, unexplained by science.


Dear Sara,  last January I had sent you this letter:


Hello Sara, do you remember me? It’s Barbara, Adriano’s’ mother, my little one today is in the Sky. I was looking for words of comfort. You see, now I have a six month old little girl, three months ago she started having epileptic fits. They diagnosed her with the West syndrome, and cortical dysplasia. I don’t know why the Lord is sending all this to me, I am beginning to doubt of his real existence, or if he does exist, I believe he is not as good and benevolent, for this reason I am afraid to distance myself from Him. Can you help me somehow please? I am very unwell, I feel abandoned. I saw that on the website there is a prayer group, can you please add my little one to it?


Now it’s May, I am writing to you to update you.


You know, you were right, the more I read testimonials and Messages from the site, the more I feel as if things are improving. On the other hand, when I distance myself, I feel lost. This happens also with people that, on the other hand, want to harm me: the more I distance myself from them, the better I feel.


I wanted to tell you that the dysplasia that was noted in the first ultrasound seems to have disappeared, which is a strange thing because dysplasia normally is irreversible, I consider this the first miracle, the doctors can not explain it to me, now they are taking other metabolic tests for her mitochondria, but I am sure that the Lord will not abandon us.


Thank you for everything, thank you for the prayers.


May the Lord bless you forever.


Inexplicable healings testimonials Healings that science can not explain was the experience of Barbara




Inexplicable healings testimonials Healings that science can not explain


Inexplicable healings testimonials


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