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The Lord is with me and I have no fear

The Lord is with me and I have no fear testimonies


The Lord is with me and I have no fear


Dear Sara, a few years ago I used to participate to a group meet in our parish, where we studied in depth the Gospel. The minister that organized it was very good, I had a lot of respect for him, and he would come to us to lead the group. These meetings used to take place in the afternoon and I would usually be home by dinner time.


Once that group ended, the minister told us that soon he would begin a new group, in a new parish. It was not close to me, I would have to take the car, he told me that the meetings would take place after dinner, at nine pm, and would last about two hours.


I was truly torn, I did want to go, but returning home that late scared me; unfortunately I had had a bad experience one night some time before, someone followed me in their car, he truly followed me, and when I parked in my garage, the man stopped his car and stayed in his car waiting … I was extremely scared, after waiting for a little while (while the man was still sitting in his car), I asked the attendant of the garage to accompany me home, with my heart beating furiously.


And so, on one hand I wanted to go to the new meetings, but on the other hand, I was feeling fear, it was true fear.


I decided to go, praying with all my heart to the Lord to protect me.


The meeting was wonderful, then, came time to drive home.


It was night, I was driving and constantly checking around me, all this while praying. I arrived to the garage, I parked, I had to walk 10 minutes to get home… I walked down the ramp, exited the garage, I started walking and I felt something …. and then … like a mantle that was being put on my shoulders by two hands, I really felt completely covered by a cloak, it was a truly wonderful emotion, my Lord was protecting me …. the fear vanished instantly, I was not alone, the Lord was with me.


From that day on, I no longer was afraid, I would go to meetings, and would return home serene, sure that a sweet gaze was upon me and followed me, taking care of me.


A sweet embrace


The Lord is with me and I have no fear testimonies was told by Riccarda




The Lord is with me and I have no fear testimonies


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