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Saint Anthony from Padua grace received

Saint Anthony from Padua grace received testimonials


Saint Anthony from Padua grace received : once again this year I honored the promise I made to Saint Anthony from Padua for the grace I received, but now I will tell you my experience, dear Sara Luce.


A few years ago I found myself in a very difficult situation, I had been evicted and, living with just my salary and a few savings I had managed to set aside, I decided to buy a small home with a cooperative that was supposed to start building soon. Imagine, I was even able to get a loan from my bank.


Time passed by, the eviction paperwork was working its way through the red tape, but my cooperative was not yet starting to build, just like many other people I had put a deposit down (it was almost everything I owned), and yet the works had not even started.


Every month the judicial representative was coming to my home, you can not imagine my desperation, on one hand I had the judicial representative, on the other hand the cooperative had not even broken ground yet, despite holding our deposits.


I could not even think about putting my furniture in storage and seeking a temporary home, my salary was nowhere near sufficient for that … I was truly desperate … I asked help from everyone I knew, anyone who could possibly give me a hand ….


I cried desperately, I started to pray with all my devotion to Saint Anthony from Padua, I cried and prayed, I sent my prayer to Saint Anthony, and I cried.


In one of those days of desperation, I told him in complete frankness, because by then I felt he was completely in my life, a Saint for a friend, with all of my heart I asked him for help again, and said “If you can help me, I promise you that every year, for the rest of my life, health permitting, I will come to a pilgrimage to Padua to visit you, this is all I can offer you, but it comes completely from my heart”.


After a little time, a person who was trying to help me, found an apartment that was available, the apartment of a caretaker of a building, and the building wanted to rent it, it was small, but it was perfect for me. Unfortunately there were no representatives from the building as they were all on holiday, they could not call for a meeting, I had to wait, but in the meantime I still had the court representative at my door.


I decided to go on a pilgrimage to Padua, to Saint Anthony, to the Cathedral of Saint Anthony from Padua.


The night before the departure I dreamt I was in a bed with bright white sheets, a white so luminous that I had never before seen in my life on earth, I was sleeping between sparkling white, fresh sheets.


The following morning I set off for Padua, when I entered the Church I broke down in incontrollable sobs, all the tears I had in my heart came out of my eyes, I cried, cried, cried, and renewed my promise.


After a few days upon my return from Padua I had another dream: I dreamt that both St Anthony and St Francis were leaving the home where I lived at the time, and were walking down the road. You need to know that in reality, my street was a dead end, with a horizontal building at the end of the road; in my dream, the end of the street was the Cathedral of Saint Anthony from Padua, the front window wheel, to be precise, some golden sun rays were coming out, and they were illuminating the road that they were walking on. I don’t know if I can explain this well, but as they were leaving my home, were walking on the street illuminated by these sun rays, coming from the window wheel of the Cathedral of Saint Anthony from Padua.


A few days later, I had the good news: the building was going to give me that apartment, charging a reasonable rent, the home that was destined to go to the caretaker. The solution to all my problems.


And every year, with much emotion, I return to Padua, and every year I thank Saint Anthony for the grace that he donated to me.


This year, once again, I was able to do a reading during the Mass, it’s an honor for me, it’s a great joy, it’s a great emotion in my heart.


And as long as I am able to do it, once a year, I will be going to Padua to visit Saint Anthony.


This is my story, the grace I received from Saint Anthony from Padua, the help received.


Saint Anthony from Padua grace received testimonials and Riccarda’s story


P.S. I understood the reason for the presence of Saint Francis next to Saint Anthony from Padua in my dream …. I discovered that, at some point in his life, Saint Anthony from Padua became a Franciscan, that’s why they were together!


Once again a hug, my dear Sara






Saint Anthony from Padua grace received testimonials


Saint Anthony from Padua grace received


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