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Father Pio scent of roses

Father Pio scent of roses announce the healings endometriosis


Father Pio scent of roses : hello Sara, I am writing to you because I would like, with your help, to make public my testimonial of my experience with Father Pio, a scent of roses and the healing from a health issues; so, to be precise, I went through all my paperwork of various tests I took over the last years, and the chronology of the events is this, March 2010, during a normal gynecological check up, they found a cyst in the right ovary, about one inch in size, in order to verify the nature of the cyst I had to take a blood test, called CA125, the test result ended up being off the chart.


From that moment on, I started my series of tests, every 3-4 months ….. I immediately learned that my outlook was not of the best …. usually this type of cyst keeps growing with the months, because the endometrial tissue “out of place” bleeds, and with every menstrual cycle the bleeding worsens, and so, if this situation is not addressed, the cyst becomes so large that it needs to be removed surgically, sometimes taking with it some other body parts (uterus, ovaries, tubes) moreover, it’s a pathology, and as such it does not necessarily always stop at one single formation, very often there are other cysts in other points, and on top of it, the real problem is that all this makes it difficult to carry out a pregnancy.


Initially the approach was that of keeping the situation under control, also because I had already been taking the contraceptive pill for a while now (since long before the cyst appeared), normally they suggest you do that in cases like these, more so to manage the pain from the menstruation (endometriosis causes very intense pain) than for anything else … and so, when I had the cyst diagnosed, I was taking the pill Yasmine, then I switched to a lighter one, by the name of Arianna … that’s all …. in fact, the real therapy, in case of an endometriosis is a pill taken regularly, which stimulates the menopause and does not allow for any period to happen for a few months, to avoid further aggravating  the cyst ….


One day, it was the end of 2010, I was going once again to one of my visits, I was in the waiting room with my mother, there was as large picture with the image of Father Pio, I was waiting, and I was looking at him, praying … suddenly my mother asked me “Can you smell roses too?” … I could not smell it at all, I started to inspect the little room to see if there were any area scent machines, the window was shut, and so was the door, I even went as far as sniffing the ladies that were there with us … nobody was wearing that type of perfume, this lasted for a few minutes and then it stopped ….


My mother, devoted just like me to the dear Father, in the beginning could not understand … but I immediately thought of him!


In reality, the cyst remained the same size, undisturbed, for another two and a half years, even if in my memories, the time lapse between the day of the scent and the time of my healing seemed much shorter than that … in any case …. I continued to pray and to hope, and to think again of that perfume …. in the meantime the cyst grew in size … it reached an inch and a half … I did not undergo any treatment, I continued to take my pill as normal, as I had been doing for years.


Fast forward to March 2013, by then my check up visits were less frequent, every 8/9 months, since the cyst was not growing quickly, and it seemed that there were not any others … and so, at that check up visit in March 2013 the doctor told me, following the ultrasound, that there was nothing there, the cyst had disappeared!


My mother was with me on that day, we looked at each other, emotional, my thought and my thanks immediately went to the dear Father! I believe that the scent from two years prior was a promise of help …. from up above, Father Pio was letting me know that he was next to me, and that everything was going to be all right … you know, during those years I prayed so much, but I was also very scared, at every check up I was afraid of receiving bad news, sometimes I would cry …. now I have a degree, a nice career, but my dream, or to be precise my vocation, has always been that of building a family, having children, and this is what I had been praying for all along, and I still do.


You know, dear Sara, I got married last month … and who knows, God willing, my dream will come true …. I never tire of praying, of asking, of knocking on his door …. despite the difficulties, in my life just like in the life of everyone else, one must never stop to have faith in the help from the Lord ….


Thank you for listening to me, or reading my words … I wanted to share this testimonial, because I believe that when we receive a sign from the Sky it’s not just for one person, even if it pertains directly the life of that person …. and you know, when I am in difficulty I often seek out and read similar testimonials from other people, they give me courage and they help me feel less alone, and to always remember that the Lord is near us ….


A big kiss


Father Pio scent of roses announce the healings endometriosis is a testimonial from Valeria




Father Pio scent of roses announce the healings endometriosis


Father Pio scent of roses


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