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Hope in the cure of multiple mieloma

Hope in the cure of multiple mieloma testimonials of faith and prayer


Hope in the cure of multiple mieloma : dearest Sara, I write to you to ask you to bring my endless thanks to the Group of Prayer Love and Healing that is praying for my friend; you told me you had entrusted her to their prayers for healing, I assure you that there are things that have happened at the Hospital that I believe were truly extraordinary; it’s a miracle she is still with us.


My friend, you may remember her, has multiple mieloma … diagnosed late despite the fact that she had reported feeling pain everywhere, and despite the fact that she works in a hospital and knows the doctors very well …


They rescued her at the eleventh hour to begin the treatment … in our family we started to pray even more intensely for her … (and we continue to do so, as you can see …)


Despite the odds against her … for example: first transplant did not take, her brother was not compatible for the bone marrow transplant … etc. etc. etc … miraculously, at the second transplant, she recovered well enough to have only “traces” of tumor in her blood.


The bone lesions that had appeared everywhere, the jaw, feet, ribcage, sacral bones, vertebrae …. they healed enough to allow her to remove the chest “cage” that was keeping her upright.


Six years later (outside of all predictions!) everything was going well … until last summer … when something started moving again.


Checks at the usual Hospital … suddenly they diagnosed her as a “hopeless” case … late visits or missing visits, they did not listen to her … well … something bad as well as the fear, this time they really thought she wouldn’t live long.


The prayers, which were never interrupted, intensified even further, asking also for your Prayer Group to help us with a further push.


And then, she took the difficult decision to remove herself form that Hospital. I am her cousin, but I feel like we are sisters!!! I encouraged her because fear had started settling into her … however, since she too had a strong faith, we very often found ourselves talking about death …. I had her read things published on her website … and much more.


She moved to a new Hospital, and they immediately made her undergo all the tests.


The disease had returned, the doctors realized that their colleagues had all but given up on her prognosis. They immediately attacked her with the chemo, but they also watched her very closely, calling her even at home every evening, to see how she felt.


They know that her situation was abnormal form the incest: how did she survive, when she was already ravaged by the disease?!?!


She seemed to react well to the new treatments.


Suddenly, during the last weeks of Lent, and I don’t believe it was a coincidence, within an hour she turned completely purple … she passed out three times on the way to Hospital, they admitted her, prepared for the eventuality that they may “lose” her (her husband was going through the motions, but he was leaning toward the worst case scenario!); they attacked her with the IV – she was completely dehydrated, nobody knew why or how – they took care of her skin which was flaking off (within just a few hours … she was unrecognizable), the following day she weighed 7 kilograms more … they could not find the cause ….


We kept insisting with our prayers … I would invoke the Holy Spirit out loud, about her (even if I am not worthy!!)


The most amazing thing happened during the Holy week, a complete crash … and then suddenly she started to clear up, the swelling diminished, started to look human again.


After the Holy Easter … she was out of danger, and within two weeks she returned home. The tests said that the tumor was in regression, the treatments resumed, and gave good results. At the following check ups, doctors and nurses went to visit her, asking if she was really the same patient as the one from a few days before … now she is continuing her treatments. I saw her last Sunday at Mass (we don’t visit her too often in order not to tax her immune system), she seems ten years younger!


We continue to pray for her, that she may be serene no matter what may happen … pray for the medical staff to be given the knowledge to heal her, as well as other patients in grave conditions … and pray to give our thanks, because every day is a gift! Pray for the strength, the faith and hope …. for everything that may happen …. everything will be all right on earth … and in the Sky.


I ask you please, also on her behalf, to thank those who interceded from “earth” and from the “sky” … and to please not stop doing that … please!


Once again, a thousand thanks to you, you are always here for all of us …. may God want to keep you here for much, much much longer still!


A tight, tight hug!



Hope in the cure of multiple mieloma testimonials of faith and prayer was words from Roberta




Hope in the cure of multiple mieloma testimonials of faith and prayer


Hope in the cure of multiple mieloma


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