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Invoking the Archangels testimonials

Invoking the Archangels testimonials of healings from Archangel Raphael


Invoking the Archangels : dear Sara Luce, I write to you to share with you and with your website’s readers a very nice spiritual experience that I experienced with the Archangel Raphael.


You must know that since September I started to suffer from strong abdominal pains in the lower belly, to the point where I could not even have my menstrual cycle for the last three months. I took the decision to go to my gynecologist, she took an ultrasound, and diagnosed the presence of a luteal cyst, and the eventual return of menstruations.


Over the next few days, despite her reassurances, I continued to feel strong pains in the belly, and my menstrual cycle was still not appearing. So I decided to ask the Archangel Raphael, also known as “God’s medicine”, and I started to draw him, and to color him in green every day, asking him to help me rid me soon from this ovarian issue, and to speed up the arrival of my menstruations, which would have helped remove the cyst.


One day something incredible happened!!! While I was praying to Archangel Raphael, a friend of mine, whose name is Chiara, found out about my physical problem, and offered to help me, sending me some Reiki from a distance, she is an expert on Reiki. I immediately felt a relief to my stomach. From that moment on, I had the sensation that, from then on, something was going to go in my favor.


I continued to have faith and to attract the emerald green energy of healing from Archangel Raphael. How? By continuing to draw in green all of my requests for help, and to drawing the Archangel, until one evening, once my ritual had ended, I received a message from Chiara, who informed me that soon after she had sent me Reiki, she experienced something, she closed her eyes, she saw everything green, and many little purple hearts, one after the other. I understood that Archangel Raphael was healing me, that my perseverance and above all my faith were about to be rewarded.


Exactly three days after this explosion of the emerald green healing energy, on the 8th of December, with all of the strength of my heart, I asked the Archangel Raphael to help me let my menstrual cycle arrive on that day, on the occasion of the Immaculate Conception, also because my doctor had already given me an ultimatum: soon I was going to have to start a course of medication.


I felt that the Archangel was going to listen to me, and so it was: that very same evening, my request was answered, my much awaited cycle had finally arrived!!! Now both the cyst and my abdominal pain have gone, I don’t feel that pain in the ovaries any more.


My dear Sara, I felt very strongly the help from the Archangel Raphael, and I wanted to share this beautiful experience with you and everybody in your website, to demonstrate that the Archangels, each one of whom has a specific task, if invoked with faith, can truly help us in concrete terms with our necessities. Sometimes the help is not immediate, because first of all our Faith is tested, but in the end, if you believe and you continue to pray, the help arrives with time, and through the person designated to do so. In my case, the Archangel had chosen my friend Chiara to help me!!!


Thank you for your attention


Invoking the Archangels testimonials of healings from Archangel Raphael is the testimonial from Terry




Invoking the Archangels testimonials of healings from Archangel Raphael


Invoking the Archangels


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