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A real Angel saved me memories

A real Angel saved me memories of a miracle


A real Angel saved me : one day, together with my mother, we went to visit some of her friends; I was four and a half years old, and after a while I decided to go outside to play in their beautiful garden; wandering around, suddenly I did not realize that there was a fish pond in front of me, and I fell in it.


Then, in that moment, all of a sudden, I found myself once again at the edge of the pond, I raised my eyes and I saw a blinding ray of light, and in the middle of it was as man … he had blue eyes and a nice robe and his hair was white like the snow.


I was soaked, we talked, he looked like an Angel, so I talked to him with much respect, he told me that I had a special mission to bring forth on earth.


Then, still speaking, we decided that the best thing to do would be for me to go back inside the house to my mother and her friends, and so I did.


I was standing there, dripping, next to the owner of the house, it was crystal clear that I had fallen into the fish pond, I told him, and after a few moments, he asked me: “How did you manage to get out from the fish pond? It’s tiled throughout and it’s almost ten feet deep”


”An Angel saved me”, I answered, and I told him all that had happened.


Despite me saying that it was a miracle, they decided to fill the fish pond to a point where it was going to be easier to get in and out if someone fell into it again, and then they never talked about the accident again.


I dried up and went back home with my mum.


A real Angel saved me memories of a miracle is a testimonial from Cristina




A real Angel saved me memories of a miracle


A real Angel saved me


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