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The tears of joy from Jesus

The tears of joy from Jesus meeting in the confessional


The tears of joy from Jesus : dearest Sara Luce, only recently I have discovered this wonderful corner of prayer and love, and so I decided to write to you and to our sweetest Celestial Friend, to share my testimonial, and at the same time to ask Him for His Light during this difficult period for me.


I am a nineteen year old girl, and soon, the day after the resurrection, I will turn twenty!


Since I received the immense grace of the conversion, Jesus has become my life.


I was only thirteen, it had been a long time since I had received the sacrament of the confession; I knew Jesus, I regularly went to catechism and the holy Mass, but in my life all this occupied only a marginal role, superficial, they were light years away from my heart.


Then, on a winter evening, something extraordinary happened in the confessional: I had a subliminal sensation that Jesus had taken the place of the priest with his very tender presence, and that he was crying for me … tears of joy, silent, yet so sweet, that I felt my heart stopping.


I was not able to think of anything else for the entire evening and the following days, while the sensation that God had transformed my Soul was becoming ever stronger in me.


In the evening, before I would fall asleep, I would cry of joy for that wonderful happiness, and God was crying together with me: I don’t know how I was able to be so convinced of it, but I felt that this is how it was: who knows, Jesus, if my tears were tears of joy really united with yours … how I would like that everyone in the world could feel a similar tenderness ….


Now, my Lord and my Life, I am once again knocking at the door of Your precious Heart: I only ask you this: help me to never again stray from you. In this period, in fact, I am suffering from occasional panic attacks, but I know that you are here with us, we have nothing to fear. I love you Jesus.


I send a hug to You, to the Celestial Mother, and to my Angel. A hug to you too, my dear Sara Luce, and sister in Christ, may God bless you.


The tears of joy from Jesus meeting in the confessional is the testimonial from Carolina




The tears of joy from Jesus meeting in the confessional


The tears of joy from Jesus


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