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Miracles really happen proofs

Miracles really happen proofs to believe


Miracles really happen proofs : perhaps someone will have trouble accepting that miracles really do exist, and they exist as an expression of the great Love of the Sky for each one of us, and when I say each one of us, I mean exactly that, every one of us; whether one believes it or not, whether one is rational or not, if one belongs to one religion or another, if he is from a country or another, there is only the certainty that if there is a state of real necessity, the Sky will intervene, if one thing does not have important meaning, an important reason, to happen, then the Sky will intervene.


Each one of us, despite our differences and specificities, is, and always will be, a child of God, this unites us, this is something we all have in common: we are all children of God.


In His eyes there is no difference between us, there are diversities that reflect the different journeys that each one of us came to take on while on earth, but we are first and foremost His children, each one of us.


Some people say that miracles only happen to those who believe, well, it’s not true at all, take my grandfather for example … I will tell you his story, then each one of you can decide whether to accept the Truth that I will have just told you.


My grandfather had always been a rational, very rational person, what he could touch was considered true, what the science discovered was true, everything that was matter was true.


He was working as a sales representative, he had his van, and he would drive up and down mountain roads to sell at various fairs and markets. This was his life, his day to day life: up and down the roads, today in this market, tomorrow at that fair.


One day, however, while he was returning home, driving the usual roads, overhanging some very deep cliffs, he was driving dangerously close to the curb of one such road, when suddenly a very large hand appeared in front of his van, effectively stopping it, thus saving it from its inevitable fate.


My grandfather, beside himself at the magnitude of the risk that he had just avoided, and for the incredible intervention that manifested itself in front of him, managed to stop at a little emergency parking spot a little further down the road …. in fact, it was the only little spot in several miles.


This is it, this is his story, an event that he went on to tell everybody ever since it happened, including his grandchildren, and just like he told us, today I am telling it to you, so you can believe in what exists, and has always been next to us, even though we do not see it: God our Father.


Miracles really happen proofs to believe is a testimonial from Marina




Miracles really happen proofs to believe


Miracles really happen proofs


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