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Saint Rita protector of children

Saint Rita protector of children help


Saint Rita protector of children : hello, as promised during my prayers, here I am to testify the help and the closeness that Saint Rita gave me during some moments that were very difficult and full of anxiety for me; I would like for this letter to be published to share my gratitude to Saint Rita.


Both situations pertain a child in my family, my son, I prayed for him not to have anything serious, and so it was!!


Initially my child had a few serious allergy attacks, from the symptoms it appeared to be something rather serious, and so I pleaded to Saint Rita for it to be nothing serious, and that he be healthy. The tests proved to be what I had hoped for.


A little time later, following a routine check up, it came out that his creatine and urea values were high, which was strange due to his age. They immediately suspected about three thousand different things, to then hypothesize a congenital issue, such as a deformity, or that one of his kidneys was smaller than the other. Once they did the analysis with an ultrasound the kidneys turned out to be normal, but he did have a serious urinary tract infection, which had skewed all values.


I had prayed Saint Rita, who listened to me, also by keeping close to him during one specific test where they had to sedate him. Everything went well, and I had promised to her that if he had turned out to be healthy, I would be devoted to her for my entire life, and so it will be.


Thank you, have a good day.


Saint Rita protector of children help is Giada’s testimonial




Saint Rita protector of children help


Saint Rita protector of children


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