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Healing from a tumor to the pancreas

Healing from a tumor to the pancreas testimonials


Healing from a tumor to the pancreas : it’s true that certain mysterious recoveries are inexplicable by science, and I have an experience about that; in 1991 my father was diagnosed with a pancreatic tumor, and I had already lost my mother when I was young, she had a tumor to her uterus.


After months in the hospital, the day of my 18th birthday, they told me my father had a maximum of six months left to live (nice gift!) and with someone’s help I took him to Pavia, for one last desperate attempt.


One night, after he was admitted to the hospital in Pavia, during a pause in which they sent him back home for a few days, I had a very strange and unsettling dream, and it left me restless for several days: in the dream I was in complete darkness … everything was black as tar … a place that was one room, but it did not have walls, at some point in the middle of this darkness appeared a gigantic mouth, red lips and huge sparkling white teeth (this mouth made such an impression on me that I still remember it, to this day) it was trying to bite me, or eat me, I was running away but the mouth caught up with me! .... inside it, the mouth was also pitch black, I could see the hospital bed where my father was sleeping, I was there, looking at him in anguish … at some point he woke up and asked for a glass of water, I took the glass from the bed table and let him drink, but as soon as he drank, he screamed and turned into a cloud of smoke, raising high above and I started to scream and cry desperately, I didn’t know what to do, and I felt guilty for giving him the water … I felt alone and guilty … at that point there was a very strong light!!! and I woke up suddenly, I was extremely agitated, I rushed to check up on my father, who was asleep, I stopped to check if he was breathing … I was in the grip of the blackest of panics, but in the end I could detect that he was indeed still breathing …. Every night after that, until he returned to the hospital, I would wake up in the night with a sense of panic and I would listen to him to see if he was breathing ….


… but from that night, something happened.


The head physician, after a few weeks of experimental therapies (they did not do surgery on him) called me, and with a degree of embarrassment he actually said “We don’t know why, and we don’t know how, but the tumor is in regression …. from the last CT scan, it seems to have disappeared …. perhaps you need to go and light up a candle to the Virgin Mary …”


I still hold the entire documentation of the tumor, before and after, where it shows that the tumor has gone.


Healing from a tumor to the pancreas testimonials are Monica’s words




Healing from a tumor to the pancreas testimonials


Healing from a tumor to the pancreas


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