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Father Pio phrases

Father Pio phrases that are never forgotten


Father Pio phrases : hello dearest Sara, I will tell you what happened to me 12 years ago, an incredible story, and a dream I will never forget, with my much loved Father Pio; sceptics will say that it’s the product of our subconscious, of autosuggestion, but what I am about to tell you has nothing to do with it; those people with faith open up wonderful doors to the Sky, and this changes you deep inside.


I was a little over 21 years old, I decided to go visit the site of Father Pio in Pietrelcina with a friend of mine. It was a really bad period for me, I had just gone through a heavy loss, a dear uncle, and that plunged me into a deep depression with extreme panic attacks, I no longer had a life.


The panic attacks robbed me of my life, and I had such a deep pain in my heart as I witnessed my beloved mother watch me suffering so much.


My friend and I set out for our visit to Father Pio, we arrived, and as I was about to enter Father Pio’s sanctuary, I smelled a gigantic wave of roses, I had never smelled anything like this in my whole life; to be brief, because it’s a long story, a week later I returned to my city of Milan.


About two days later I was in Milan, I dreamed of Father Pio, to date I get goose bumps every time I even talk about this dream, because I learned there are dreams that stay with you, on your skin, forever; I dreamed of Father Pio in a large garden, he was wearing a long blue tunic, he was getting closer to me, he took my hand and said “Dear, dear, dear, dear, the person you are in love with, and you asked for help about, is not the right person for you” and I said “But I want him” and Father Pio looked at me straight in the eyes, while he was caressing my hand, and said “No, David”


Well, Sara, a few months following that dream I met a young man, and guess his name? David, he is my husband now, and we have been together for 11 years.


I will never forget that dream, and above all, my Sara, I have always asked myself “Why did they want to give me this gift?”, I know that in a way I am always in contact with them, that they have always been helping me, even when my faith was faltering, but I am certain that they go beyond that, they look at what we have in our soul.


A very big hug to you


Father Pio phrases that are never forgotten are the words from Kremilda




Father Pio phrases that are never forgotten


Father Pio phrases


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