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Miracles from the Sky

Miracles from the Sky testimonials


Miracles from the Sky : last year I also received a miracle for my father, the doctors at the ICU had raised their arms in defeat in front of a very bad case of pneumonia, to the point where they told my mother and I “well, family D’Apote, as long as the heart holds out there is always hope, we have done everything we could”; the following day was worse, because he came down with the pink eye, as they say, it could not be worse.


The doctors administered an extremely strong dose of cortisone and he swelled up all over.


However, the day after that, he did start to slowly breathe unaided, without his oxygen machine, and now, a year later, he is home and healing!


To my mother and I this is a miracle, even the doctors don’t know what they did, but, they claim, they succeeded!


To my mother and I this was help from the Sky, a miracle, believe me!!!!


Miracles from the Sky testimonials are the words from Nino




Miracles from the Sky


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