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Father Pio new miracle

Father Pio new miracle experiences


Father Pio new miracle : hello Sara, you know how close I am to St Father Pio, well, on this subject I would like to tell you something that bonds me with this Saint, I often feel his presence, and I constantly pray to him, especially lately; my son has always suffered from earache, ever since he was a child, that day we even took him to the emergency room, I remember it was a Saturday, things always seem to happen on a Saturday, as I was telling you, that night, noticing how my son was complaining, I called upon Father Pio, I prayed to him like I do every night, and I asked Him if he could heal my son, then I fell asleep; the following day my son had no pain at all and he has not complained of ear ache ever since, to me this is a new miracle received from Father Pio.


I have to thank him immensely because he is close to me and helps me through difficult moments, I always feel him close to me, I feel he protects me.


Father Pio new miracle experiences is the testimonial from Silvia



Father Pio new miracle


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