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Recent miracles in Italy

Recent miracles in Italy testimonials


Recent miracles in Italy : it’s a pleasure to be able to share my experience, it was 1994/1995, I was 23 years old, my eyesight began to fail me, I had terrible headaches, and black outs, they told me brain tumor.


I had disconnected from everything, my parents would come and visit me, I knew they had something to do with me, but I could not place them in my life, then a nurse came in with a tray with the dinner, she placed it next to me, and I remember asking her what that tray was for.


One day my ex-husband came to visit me and told me that a young friend of ours had leukemia.


I was very sad, they sent me for an ultrasound, and in the waiting room there was a lady that immediately started asking me questions, after listening to me, from her pocket she picked a little picture of a man with a beard, with an inscription from this man, and she gave it to me, I did not know who the man was, but I thanked her for her heartfelt gesture; going back to the ward I stopped at the windows to look out, around the hospital, there were many trees, the sun, the sky, God, He was the one with whom I had not lost contact, and I started to talk to him, in my way, just like I always did.


I screamed inside of my mind “God, why??? we are so young, you know me, you know how much I Love this life, despite all the suffering I have had to endure on several aspects, ever since I was born”.


And suddenly, the garden outside, the sky, etc., were no longer there, I was in a place, it was not a place.


I could perceive everything around me, a presence that hugged me, it was made of pure Love, a Love so big, that it is not possible to conceive  due to our terrestrial limitations, this presence, made me feel Loved, protected, safe, in peace, at home and it talked to me with the thought, then suddenly the visual of the garden rushed back, but what did not come back with it was my headache, it had gone away, and from the following day my eyesight started to come back, I healed completely.


That wonderful presence only told me two sentences that I remember, one was “nobody is unworthy of love” and the other “inside you and all around you”.


Then a few years later I discovered that the gentleman I saw in the picture, with the beard was Father Pio.


Recent miracles in Italy testimonials is the experience from Andrea




Recent miracles in Italy testimonials


Recent miracles in Italy


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