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Miracles of the Sky

Miracles of the Sky real experiences


Miracles of the Sky : I would like to tell you about a miracle I experienced, in 1968 my first child was born, I breast-fed him, when he was 50 days old, I will make this story short, he was crying, I took him to the hospital but they were busy; the child seemed to be asleep in the meantime; I went back home, my mother took him in her arms and screamed “let’s rush to the hospital, he is not sleeping, he is in a coma, he got meningitis”


I rushed to the hospital, but they told me it was pneumonia, after three days they realized it was meningitis, and while I was rushing outside to call my husband they performed a spinal tap surgery on him; when I came back, the child was dead in his cradle, he was already pale, I was screaming like a crazy woman that they must give him oxygen, suddenly a very handsome looking young man in a white overall came to me and said “quiet, don’t scream, I will help you now, but don’t scream, be quiet because I don’t work here” and with his arms pointed up and said “I work in the upper floors” then he took my son and he locked himself inside the medical room.


Bear in mind that, according to the nun and one nurse, the baby had already been dead for many minutes.


After a little while I heard my son crying, the young doctor came out, he placed my son in my arms with still the little glass pipe they had inserted when they performed the spinal tap surgery, and said “downstairs the ambulance will take you to the hospital in Salerno, they are waiting for you, the baby is alive”


My father spent a month looking for this handsome young doctor in the hospital, to thank him, but everyone told him that upstairs (the upper floors) was the ophthalmology ward, and there was no ophthalmologist that could have treated a baby, also, nobody could identify him from the description of him.


In my life, I had five sons, a husband who is a fisherman, I did not have a good life, two of my sons were seriously ill, the first one is the one of this testimony, and my third one spent about ten years in and out of hospitals, but GOD, when it comes to serious challenges, still helps me to this day.


Miracles of the Sky real experiences is the testimonial from Rosa




Miracles of the Sky real experiences


Miracles of the Sky real


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