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Father Pio prayer

Father Pio prayer and little image


Father Pio prayer : hello Sara, here I am again, reading on Facebook about Father Pio reminded me of something that happened many years ago, ten years ago to be exact.


We were in the hospital, my brother in law Gianni was in the ICU; while there we met two parents whose son was also in the ICU following a motorbike accident, sadly the doctors were not giving them very hopeful news.


Without making this story too long, also because just the thought of it still makes me feel bad, I had a little printed image of Father Pio, that I had picked up when I went to visit the site of St. Giovanni Rotondo, I gave it to them and told them to place it under their son’s pillow, and the mother did as I suggested.


The following morning I received a phone call from the parents, telling me that their son had just woken up and was hungry.


You can imagine how happy I felt for them, then, in the afternoon, we met in person and she told me of a dream that she had had the night before; she told me that someone had knocked on their door, and when she opened it she found a monk, asking to be allowed to stay there, and when she opened the door to let him in, he told her that everything was going to be just fine.


Well, exactly, everything went as it was supposed to.


Father Pio prayer and little image is the testimonial of Serenella




Father Pio prayer and little image


Father Pio prayer


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