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Miracles the power of Prayer and Faith

Miracles the power of Prayer and Faith testimonies of Miracles and graces received I thank God

Miracles the power of Prayer and Faith : for a while now I have been meaning to write to you about an episode that happened in the middle of last November; it started last summer when my father discovered that he had some problems with his heart; in November he was operated on, a "monumental" surgery procedure, the surgeon said, a bypass to a coronary, rebuilding a tract of the ascending aorta due to the presence of an aneurysm, and the replacement of a heart valve

Before the surgery, we knew that the operation was going to be a long and complicated one, just how much we did not grasp since we were so ignorant on the subject. My father, the person directly involved, lived through the preparation and tests very calmly, he had been in the hospital for a month for further tests and there he socialized, he rested, but mostly he prayed. I say this because dad would skip his meal if it meant being able to go to Church to recite a Rosary or to listen to a Service, he had been like this all his life. This is how he met many people, women, men, elderly, young people, he had a circle of friends that none of us even knew he had until the day of the operation.

The morning of the operation they took him away to the surgery room among smiles, good-bye's, caresses and affectionate gestures from every patient and staff in his ward. I will leave it to you to imagine my dad's joy, which can be compared to a boy who is blowing out the candles on this birthday cake. For those of us who knew him, we could witness the sheer delight, the paradox was that he was about to be sliced up in two, frozen, taken to a death-like state, and instead he was happy, jovial, and faithful!

The operation went on for 8 hours, the Surgeon who operated on him said that there had been no complications, they expected him to wake up and the removal of the tube by the following morning and instead.. this is where the really worrying started! " The patient is not having a good awakening", this meant that he was moving about but not in a conscious manner, his muscular tone was quite strong despite the fact that he was a thin man and this did not allow him to rest without being sedated. The longer he had to remain sedated the longer it would take him to recover. This meant problems with lungs, infections, let alone the fact that the brain was under increasing risk of not functioning well as a result.

You can imagine what kind thoughts were racing through our heads every day, what variety of states of mind were alternating, twice a day we would go and see him behind a glass panel with the hope that the doctor on duty at the intensive care ward would give us some news of improvement and instead the answer was always "we have to keep him sedated".

By the seventh day they ordered a cat scan to his brain, result: an old ischemy (never detected), they made us sign a waiver form to perform a tracheotomy and they tactfully prepared us for what the options would be once he woke up.

The fact is, that while we were driving home and talking with my husband I said: we need a miracle! That he would wake up by himself all of a sudden, but conscious, and for this to happen immediately.

My seemingly arrogant request was echoing in my head: will he wake up by himself without needing to do the tracheotomy? I fell asleep with this question. And I wished for an answer.

During that night I had a dream: I was walking past a shop and I had seen a pair of cream colour trousers, I asked if they had them in my size, but the attendant said no and that she would check the size of the ones on the window. I tried this cream colour trousers on, but as I walked out of the fitting room the trousers were definitely white, with white flowers embroidered on them. I also dreamt of some blood on me and on those around me. In any case, I bought the trousers.

The following morning, while we were driving with my mother and my brother to the hospital, I told them about my dream by declaring "Take this with a pinch of salt", of course as a result of those words from the doctors the night before I could have dreamt of just about anything, reality is what mattered.

Well, as soon as we arrived at the hospital the doctors from the night before approached us telling us that dad had woken up quite well. The joy, the surprise, the euphoria from the unexpected!

While we were waiting for patient visiting hours I kept thinking about my dream.. Could this be a miracle? Is it a miracle? Who knows, maybe it's just a coincidence!! When we were in front of the doctor with a smile on our faces and yearning for more information, he greeted us with these words: "Dad is awake and I am astonished! Last night I accompanied him to do the cat scan and I will not even tell you what his conditions were like, I waited for the result, I read it and the last thing I expected this morning at eight o'clock was to find him with his eyes open in his bed. How shall we call this???? a miracle????

Given this, I do not want to add my name to the long list of fatalists and I don't even want to dismiss those who believe in the power of Prayer and Faith. I don't even want to say that those who pray will have their requests come true, we all know too well that there is much suffering in the world, and of course there is a lot of praying from people and their loved ones, but I am keen to know if the dream that I had had somehow had a link with what happened and in any case I take this opportunity to tank my Angel and that of my father, I thank all people who were close to us with their thoughts and their prayers, and for all this I thank God



Miracles the power of Prayer and Faith testimonies of Miracles and graces received I thank God was told by Gilda



Miracles the power of Prayer and Faith testimonies of Miracles and graces received I thank God

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