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Scent of Paradise Graces received

Scent of Paradise Graces received the scent of Paradise testimonies of graces received from Jesus

Scent of Paradise Graces received : finally today I have the chance to sit down and write to tell about my beautiful story and share it with you, for me this is a grace that our loved Jesus allowed me to experience.

It was back on June 2003, some of you may remember it, after Jesus dictated the first few messages he told us that the message on 29th June would be his last one for the moment; he would then observe us, our reaction, and then he would have returned.

With this premise, very shaken, I started writing the words that Jesus was slowly dictating to me on that very last message called 'for the health of my brothers'.

The message was a very long one, and I knew that any time he would have started to dictate his parting good-byes.

Soon after that, in fact, he began dictating 'I will remember you in my prayers and now I will send a sign of affection to our friend Sara, she is also crying, I say goodbye to you, come and visit me any time you like'.

All of a sudden I smelt an extremely intense scent, a perfume of flowers, it was as if I found myself, don't ask me why because I don't know, it was almost as if I found myself standing on a narrow road paved with pebbles; a smell of flowers on my right and on my left, many different perfumes that I was not familiar with, but there was a predominance of a scent of jasmine flowers to my left and of water lilies to my right; a very strong perfume, like standing inside a flower shop brimming with flowers, I had never smelt anything so intense; a perfume of flowers warmed up by the sun, the perfume of flowers basking in a late spring sun.

I heard Jesus telling me 'Can you smell this perfume? It's the scent of Paradise, I will let you try it, isn't it wonderful?'

My entire room was filled with this perfume, I was inhaling deeply, trying to memorize that smell forever, and I kept breathing and breathing and this wonderful perfume surrounded me and I had a sensation, what a sensation, joy, desire to walk, wanting to walk for hours and hours surrounded by that perfume, joy of walking immersed in that perfume, in that warmth.

It last a few minutes, an eternity, then all of a sudden it disappeared and as soon as I breathed the air that is normally in my room I started coughing then I heard Jesus talking to me one more time, he said 'This is a gift for all of the time that you put into helping your brothers and your sisters. May my peace and all of my love for you and for all God's children who are always in our hearts and in our thoughts accompany you.'


Scent of Paradise Graces received the scent of  Paradise testimonies of graces received from Jesus was told by Sara Luce


Scent of Paradise Graces received the scent of Paradise testimonies of graces received from Jesus

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