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Experiences of the tunnel of light children stories

Tunnel of light Experiences of the tunnel of light testimonial OBE tunnel of light children stories


My name is Maria, I love painting and writing fables ….

I was in the tunnel of light twice, once when I was 5 years old, and once when I was 27.

The trip into the tunnel changed me, I would be who I am today had it not been for those two journeys.

I found myself in the tunnel following two very serious illnesses.

I remember only a brief moment from both experiences, and that wonderful white light still accompanies me through my whole life.

Time did not erase anything, it’s as if it just happened.

I remember very well when I was 5 years old and I told my father that I had been in a tunnel, and, before I ended up floating above my body and having traveled through the various hospital rooms, I also told him that there were two doctors outside my room and that I went to visit a boy at the end of the hospital corridor, he was extremely sick; my dad was very scared and he made me promise not to tell anyone even as an adult, or people would think I was crazy, but he could not give himself an explanation for what happened.

What brought me back into my own body? I don’t know, maybe it was not my time yet, but I remember very well that inside the tunnel I heard my dad’s voice screaming and crying …. He was calling me very loudly …. I stopped for a moment …. even though that fantastic white light was calling me and was attracting me to it, it was wonderful …. I stopped …. I heard the voice …. It was horrible …. All of a sudden I found myself once again in my bed with really bad pains …. I will never forget that Light ….

I remember, I only spoke about the Light once … I was 13, my parents signed me up to a catholic school … (even though they were not Catholic) … the teacher for religious studies was talking about Heaven and Hell …. I felt like the expert of the light …. I stood up …. No, no, there is only light … it’s stupendous …. There is only one God, you can call it any name you like … everything is one, there are no separations …. I was told that a good catholic does not speak in that way… a good catholic believes in Heaven and hell … and so …. I said: then I am not catholic, I believe in the Light … there is a wonderful light …. Believe me it’s beautiful …. I will never believe your stories …. My class mates were laughing and made fun of me … I insisted …. The teacher was furious …. I continued on, I couldn’t just keep quiet …. It’s right there ….. I saw it ….. they called my parents in …. they thought I had gone crazy ….. I was suspended for three days … it was the first time I talked about it …. I could not just let other people believe in hell …. I had to tell them about the light ….. A young girl of 13 years who wanted to convince the world of the Light and of all that immense love ….

Years went by and I carried my secret with me …. When I was twenty years old I saw “by chance” on television the tail end of a program, I do not remember which channel it was, there was a man who was telling about his experience … I remember feeling this joy … my secret was the same as his experience …. And that man was recalling joyfully that wonderful Light …. Even though for many years I said nothing about it, keeping my secret safe, I remember that I never doubted that wonderful experience, calling it an experience does not do it justice …. It was fantastic!

Later on, when I was 27, I repeated the experience and I can assure you that it was exactly the same as before … nothing changed even though many years had elapsed.

What else can I say …. I don’t know …. I grew up and my life changed a lot after the second experience, the spiritual research has intensified.

A hug, Love, light, joy, peace

Tunnel of light Experiences of the tunnel of light testimonial OBE tunnel of light children stories was told by Maria




Tunnel of light Experiences of the tunnel of light testimonial OBE tunnel of light children stories



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