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NDE Girl in a Coma for Meningitis

NDE Girl in a Coma for Meningitis experiences NDE


NDE Girl in a Coma for Meningitis : as many of you know NDEs are experiences that the subject’s Soul lives beyond it’s body, this little five y/o girl was in a coma for meningitis; what she tells us is the real experience she had in the meantime, it’s interesting how in her NDE experience she sees some things (the Crown of thorns, the cross-shaped patch on the mouth) on two figures who are playing with her; we may consider it terrifying, but the little girl being a Spirit isn’t afraid, she plays and enjoys herself; the things she notices on the people playing with her speak about the help her father was getting just during those days, let’s listen to Carla’s witness.


Dear Sara, I want to tell you about when I was five, I was suffering from meningitis, a very serious and deadly disease and I have been in a coma for a month, the doctors told my parents there was no hope, because they couldn’t isolate the bacterial strain and give me the right antibiotic, my father went to a psychic friend who said she spoke with Jesus who said the name of a molecule, an active principle or something like that in an antibiotic, my father got the medicine and slowly I came out of the coma.


When I woke up I said that all the time I has seen two men with a crown of thorns on their heads and cross-shaped patches on their mouths who danced for me and talked by telepaphy staying with me making me feel OK, and they were dressed like “Pulcinella “ and “Pantalone” (two famous Italian costumes) I must admit, my family has never been very religious, and so being five I don’t think I had been influenced imagining those things, I think it’s a miracle, I’ll be pleased if you publish my witness. It could help someone.


NDE Girl in a Coma for Meningitis experiences NDE was told by Carla


NDE Girl in a Coma for Meningitis experiences NDE


NDE Girl


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