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Testimonies NDE Discovery of Life in the NDE

Testimonies NDE Discovery of Life in the NDE Witnessing near death experiences NDE

Testimonies NDE Discovery of Life in the NDE : loved, NDE witnesses with the devil are rare, in stories about oneself before NDE we know they were people living in materialism, considering it the only possible reality; although at a cultural level they knew about Heaven, Angels, Saints, the devil, they live their lives giving value only to what was of Earth; some of them loved their relatives, others put themselves first before these values; contacts with Heaven in NDE substantially changes the value of that experience of life on Earth, let’s listen to Alessandro’s witness.

Sara Luce

I have undergone three operations in ten months. During this last operation I was to undergo an operation on my knee at the quadriceps. My left one had already been broken, I already knew what I was supposed to expect, but I wasn’t worried about the operation, but on awakening, because on awakening the last time I had had terrible pains, so I went into the operating theatre nice and quiet and … there was a doctor, the other time there was a female doctor. He gave me an injection and I didn’t feel anything. I told the doctor too. The doctor reassured me and said: “Now try me, and let me know later.”

As soon as he stuck the needle into me, I felt an agonizing pain and he asked: “How do you feel?” I replied: “I feel an agonizing pain, but do go on.” I felt a tingling coming up. I asked the doctor: “ Doctor, I feel the beginning of my belly all numb and I feel a tingling coming up.” He assured me saying: “Don’t worry it’s the effect of anesthesia.” Immediately I felt my tummy numb, half my tummy, and even then he assured me saying: “Doctor, I feel it at the middle of my tummy.” Even then he assured me saying: “ Don’t worry it’s the effect of the anaesthesia.” Then I felt it at the beginning of my stomach, he said the same words. Then when I felt my stomach completely numb I said: “Doctor, all my stomach’s numb.” At that time I was relaxed without realizing that the anesthesia was coming up and would have made all my organs numb, I had never heard of these things before … I was relaxed. The last time I told him: “Doctor, now I feel it at the beginning of my lungs.” After having said that I didn’t see or hear anything else. I didn’t have anything else, I only felt my heart beats echoing and slowing down, until I felt the last heat beat, after which absolute silence.

Then I came out of my body, according to me it was my Soul, I can’t remember if I got out through my mouth or my heart, I was out, I was like light grey smoke, with no clothes, hair, ears, or sex, and I had … eyes and a mouth, a mouth only when I spoke. I didn’t see myself in the mirror, but when I was other souls like me, I was about sixty cms tall, … and without hand or feet. When I came out I saw my arms come out, when I saw my hands were missing, I thought. “Oh GOD, without hands?!” When I was completely out I remember having looked up and I saw the ceiling of the operating theatre come nearer to me and I passed into another room, but I can’t say what there was there, because I couldn’t be sure what there was in that room above. After that I don’t remember anything.

I remember I found another Soul like me opposite me, but it had a particular colour, it was light beige with an very strong light behind Its head. When I saw it I moved my head trying to look at It in the face, but I couldn’t with that light. Deep down in my heart I felt it was Jesus. He said to me: “ Do you know what has happened to you?” I thought a bit. “I know, I’m dead.” Then He asked me: “ What’s going to happen to you now?” I thought over my life, and I said: “It’s not up to me to decide, You must decide.” Jesus repeated the question: “Tell me what’s going to happen to you.” I replied: “I think I’m going to go to hell. He replied: “Although you have been a bit naughty, you can go to Paradise, if you want. After all you are good hearted.”

When He said that, I thought: “He’s giving me another chance.” I wasn’t thinking about things on Earth, I only thought about my wife and my son, and I said: “If I can, I’d like to go back down on Earth, because there’s my wife and my son, they can’t cope without me.” He replied: “Don’t worry at all. Who’s down there goes on in a way or another.” I wouldn’t have thought of an answer like that, because I think … that is, when someone loses a member of the family, the family is grief–stricken. So I repeated: “I’d like to go back down, if I can. My wife and my son, they can’t get on without me. If You don’t believe me, there are my dead relatives, my friends, You can ask my grandma, my grandpa if You want! You see, I didn’t know Our Lord knew everything about us. I used to live without knowing about all of these things, and He was there opposite me.

He moved slightly away from me on my right, and started to speak with two coloured Souls. I heard them speaking, but I didn’t understand what they were saying. While they were speaking I looked completely on my left. While in the distance I saw thousands and thousands of Souls one next to another, and they were all identical like photocopies. He came back standing opposite me and He said: “Listen, what is it like to be in Heaven?” I repeated: “No, No It can’t be, I want to go back down there. He said. “What are you going to do down there, do you understand what it’s like to be in Paradise?” Paradise was on His right hand side. It was another hemisphere, in another place, a bright light was coning from there and … He showed me what it was like to be there.

There’s … You feel peace, wellness, joy, pleasure, all these things all together, and continuously, not like here, I have thought a thousand of times trying to compare it to something on Earth, but there nothing. I thought of something; the utmost joy you could feel on Earth compared to up there is like … a drop of water in an ocean, and we can have this drop only if we stay there, while in Heaven it’s continuous there. Moreover, He let me feel what the others thought about me, there’s no hate, envy, jealousy, there’s only Love. Then he told me I could have gone back down. So I asked Him if I had to keep that a secret or if I could tell people about it. He said: “Do as you please. If you want to tell someone, do, if you want to keep it a secret, do, but remember that there will be people who’ll believe you, who’ll kid you, and people who’ll pretend to believe you.” When He said that I answered: “I’ll tell everyone then.” He said: “OK go down!” But I didn’t know the way. I said: “I don’t know the way.” He called two coloured Souls and said: “Take him back down.” These souls said: “He’s been away too long from his body, he won’t manage.” “You take him back down,” and these souls repeated: “He’s been missing too long from his body, people who have been for less time away from their bodies, haven’t managed, and we may go on the journey of nothing.” At that point He said to them: “No, take him back down, and if he doesn’t manage, it’ll be your fault, you can’t imagine his strength.”

Even there I can’t remember the way. I found myself above my body and I got in through my legs. I went into my body with my head still out of it. At that point a soul stood on my left, and the other on my right. A doctor was saying to the other one: “Try” and the other one kept on saying: “I’m exhausted, although I’m healthy, he’s dead anyway.” At that point these Souls started whispering: “Try … try … try.” I felt my body spring up and everything disappeared.

My organs were numb because of anesthesia. I was dead, they revived me artificially, and after that I was piped, because I couldn’t breathe. Then in coma, later my awakening. When awakening I started to speak about this and after a few days I remembered other things that I told my wife since the first day which was: before speaking to Jesus I found myself opposite Jesus and the devil. The devil, well, that was when I was terrified. I have never been afraid of anything, but there I was terrified, he was like smoke too, black, with no face because he had a mouth with different aspects, all sorts of animals I can’t describe, with lumps on his head, not like they describe him, but he had lumps on his head and he was completely lumpy both on his body and face. He appeared in front of me like a screen, a big one, all the instances of my sins passed by in front of me. I remember that sins I didn’t even know were sins passed by, and I even told him that I didn’t know they were sins. I can’t remember them all, but I remember: Quarrelling, hitting, and wooing are sins, and the devil said. “He didn’t confess, he’s coming with me.” Jesus replied. “No, he’s coming with ME.” There I saw the superiority of our Lord over the devil.

When I woke up I immediately felt different. Many things I heard before annoyed me, I couldn’t stand hearing people swearing. Immediately the first thing I said, was that I didn’t want to get angry. When I heard someone speak in a bad way, it bothered me, … I struggled for a month to get used to life on Earth again. Anyway we think that when one dies he doesn’t feel anything more and …that’s not true. On Earth we leave our body, but when we go away, we bring all our feelings away with us, we see, we speak, we hear, and especially the feeling we have now, we keep them later too, we feel good and evil, and that‘s the point where one must (get used to) get on well, because here we’ve got years, then up there we’ve got Eternity and down here we only leave our bodies and take all the rest with us. We are used to seeing a body with no life, and we see a motionless body, a body that shows no signs of life, helpless, cold after decomposition. As time goes by the bones turn into powder. We haven’t the presence of the person anymore, and everything ends. No! No! it’s not true. When you die you leave your body, but we see, we hear, we talk, we’ve got feelings. So we’ve got peace, joy, wellness, wear and tear, torment, evil in our Soul. So after our death and according to your Earthly behaviour, we go to Heaven with good feelings, or to hell with bad ones.

Testimonies NDE Discovery of Life in the NDE Witnessing near death experiences NDE was told by Alessandro

Testimonies NDE Discovery of Life in the NDE Witnessing near death experiences NDE

Testimonies NDE Discovery of Life in the NDE

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