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Testimonies OBE Out of body experience

Testimonies OBE Out of body experience testimonial OBE life out of body emotions feelings witness

Testimonies OBE Out of body experience : in 1982 I moved with my wife and our little girl because of my job, not being able to find a house to rent on the market, I was forced to borrow a loan of 45.000 Euros to buy a house in communion of goods; I suffer from a terrible rhinitis, and a medical specialist advised me to undergo an operation at my nasal septum to discover the origin of my problem; one afternoon I underwent the operation and in the evening I found myself on the bed with my nose full of gauzes, late in the evening, being convinced that to dispose early of the anesthesia, I should have emptied my bladder, I thought it was appropriate to walk to the toilet, because I felt I could, the toilet was at the end of the long corridor, when I undertook my walk there, I stated to feel a bit weak, maybe because I had lost some blood during the operation, and while I was walking I had a strange feeling of lightness; half way in the corridor I felt my heart starting to beat very faster; I stopped as not to fall, I leaned on the wall to rest and to wait until my heart beats turned back to normal, that happened after a while, and so I started to walk slowly again, trying not to tired, but after a few steps my heart started to beat faster again, but this time the beat was even more faster, once again after a few steps I stopped waiting for my heat beats to slow down, they did but just a bit, although I waited for a long time leaning against the wall; at that time I was nearer to the toilet, and I wanted to go on towards my fixed destination, I had to reach it, I got to the toilet very slowly, still leaning against the wall, I only pee weed a few drops and I noticed that my heart wasn’t beating so fast, and I felt encouraged to get on my way back.

As soon as I took my first steps my cardiac situation became serious; I stopped other times still, but my heart beats didn’t diminish until nearly at the middle of the corridor, I didn’t feel my heart vibrations anymore. A second later I didn’t see anything, complete darkness. Just then I checked that my eyelids were still open, I tried to open them as wide as possible, the feeling that they were in fact open seemed to be true, but I couldn’t see anyway. I felt that the little strength in my legs wasn’t enough to bear my weight and shoulders against the wall. I felt that they were failing, and I was already bending my knees, I was going to fall. To avoid further consequences of my sure, disastrous fall, and worrying that I’d have banged my head on the floor, I leaned keeping my body and my shoulders against the wall, trying to hold myself up straight the more I could, as not to fall forwards or backwards. While I was going down my last thought was about my family I was going to ruin, because “just at that time of my life this unplanned event was happening to me, and I was sorry about it, seeing that just a bit earlier I had approached my great debt, I was leaving my poor wife and my little girl in trouble without any income.” As soon as I thought of that my brain stopped working, and I don’t know for how long I found myself looking at the corridor scene where there was a motionless body sunk to the floor near the wall, from a different point of view from the one I remembered having a bit earlier.

I found myself floating a few cms away from the upper corner opposite the exit of the toilet. Immediately I thought it was a really strange situation, and I stayed there to realize really well, if that strange phenomenon was reality or only fantasy. I looked above me and I saw the ceiling with the wall on its sides. I saw the corridor with all of its entries to the rooms, and soon. I looked at that heaped body on the floor only with detachment.

That body didn’t make me feel any affective emotion, as if it was an unknown object that had never belonged to me until shortly before. I didn’t even know it existed and nothing about its previous function as a container. Not even a thought about my job, my family, my new house, my car, absolutely nothing. What I was interested about was realizing that I was there just loving that new and unique situation inter alia, I carefully checked my consistence and I found out without being surprised that I had none. I felt like a floating camera. I was pleased to not feel cold, hot, to have the feeling of sense of greasiness derived from of one’s own body, odours, I didn’t feel that tedious feeling of weight compression that constantly oppress and sometimes takes your breath away. It was really great staying up there. After these observations, I looked again at the end of the corridor, and after God knows how long, I saw a person, who was looking after an admitted one next to my bed at the end of the room, probably having seen me go out and not having come back, maybe for a long time, peeped out and looking in that direction and saw “my?” body, immediately rushing into the room opposite where there was a nurse who came out putting an overall on, and they hurried together to the body.

They tried many times to get hold of that flabby body trying to pull it up, but they couldn’t, and the nurse, swearing about the failure of the operation, until she suggested the other person to get hold of me under my armpits, and so with that head and forearms hanging forwards, they dragged me along the corridor. (I must say that being like that I have never realized the track of time) I attended all the being done until I lost sight of the body, that is, until even the toes went into the room; after that “complete darkness” During the time it took to drag me from the door to my bed, that was number 4, I can’t say how many times they tried to put me back on my bed without succeeding, I only know that at a certain point I felt something disgusting, unpleasant as if being imprisoned in a buttoned up too tight track suit, a horrible feeling of exasperated compression and of continuous choking, humid, heat, of oily humour, a feeling of disgusting odour, an almost unbearable feeling of weight, I realized being sorry of having got back into the body. I opened my eyes, and I found myself kneeling, with my head leaning on the bed, looking at the nurse who kept on grumbling, and maybe was thinking of how to get me onto my bed. I asked the nurse what had happened to me and she said. “ Nothing”. Realizing how hard it was for them to put me back to bed, I suggested I made an effort at least with one leg of which I was able to lift my knee. I set my foot with all my might and both of them pulled me up enough to get onto my bed.

After that strange experience I went on living as if nothing extraordinary had happened. I had never spoken about it to anyone for over ten yr/s, because I didn’t think that event was important, seeing that I immediately considered it an effect of my anesthesia.

I met a policeman and while talking with him, he told me about the OBE he had when he was eight. At Bracciano Italy he went to play on the frozen lake. Suddenly the ice split up under his feet, and he fell into the water. He saw himself from above too motionless under the layer of ice. He felt the same feeling of disregard I had had regarding the body. He saw the people who had noticed the fact shouting from their balconies, then came the ambulance rushing him home, the scene of how people placed him in the armchair, covering him with blankets. reviving the fire up in the big. ancient fireplace. He was listening to everything they were saying, and then the unpleasant feeling of return into the body.

It seemed that I had forgotten about my experience up till then, but thinking that the child hadn’t been under the effect of anesthesia, I remembered everything, I hadn’t forgotten anything. I haven’t got a blessed memory and I was astonished to notice how I remembered well the traumatic event that happened to me more than ten ys/s before, I remembered it so well, every single detail and with the same lucidity as if it had happened and instant before.

A that time there was a TV programme “MISTERI” (Mysteries) where they spoke about many other people who had had similar experiences even more complex than mine. Then I met other people who personally spoke to me about their experiences, so I started to persuade myself that that event wasn’t something usual allowed to be experienced by everyone. I started to wonder why just me, and thinking it over, it hadn’t left any unpleasant feeling, well to tell the truth, I wouldn’t mind going over it again, because in that condition, I didn’t remember all my sufferings, my pains, my difficulties and setbacks that me like everyone else has to face every single day of our lives.

I’m telling my experience to those people who are afraid of dying, especially to those who have been praying for years, and who have in their subconscious what had been put by who actually was to teach them who God really is, and who didn’t present Him as a good and merciful Father, especially for us who are compelled in this casing, but has been presented like an executioner waiting for us at the opening. I’m convinced that having listened to my latest words, my last thought of Love, my great concern for my wife and my little daughter, for the debts with which I’d have left them, in God’s mercy have allowed me to come back into my body and continue my life next to them.

Peace to you all

Testimonies OBE Out of body experience testimonial OBE life out of body emotions feelings witness was told by Paolo

Testimonies OBE Out of body experience testimonial OBE life out of body emotions feelings witness

Testimonies OBE Out of body experience

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